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Photo Observation #2

Title: Shadows Over Central Park

Photo Credits: William Carson Jr.


Theme: Shadows

Description: Central Park is an enormous lush and green square right in the middle of Manhattan, yet the towers surrounding it are still able cast their shadow over it. This picture to me is breathtaking in just how much these skyscrapers seem to loom over Central Park. In one way, it’s ominous. It serves as a reminder of how “big industry” can take over and threaten nature. However, this reminds me of how at peace I feel when protected by the shade on a hot day. The towers aren’t intimidating but instead protecting me from the suns harsh rays, along with any other creature native to the park.

Lighting Observation 4

  1. 2/19/17, 7:05, Top of the Rock
  2. At the top of Rockefeller Center, you can look out and see all of Manhattan and beyond lit up. You can see everything from Times Square to the Empire State Building to the Chrysler Building. All of the lights are different colors, some are white, some have a yellowish tint, and some are brightly colored.
  3. As I stood at the very top of Rockefeller Center, I looked out and saw everything. I felt like I was standing on the top of the world, watching everything pass by. When you look north, you can see a large dark space with what look like strings of white lights going across it, contrasting the bright, completely lit up places of the rest of the city. It seemed so much more peaceful. As I stared, I realized that the dark space was Central Park, and I was thankful that there was such a large green space where you could go to escape the bright lights and bustle of the city.

Light Observation!

Saturday 18 February, 2012
Central Park
Around 4:30 pm

My friend and I are walking from the north end of the Park, the sun setting over the roofs of the skyscrapers that make up the New York skyline. Because the sun has only just decided to set, the shadows it casts are from a rather high angle. As we walk along one of the paths heading in a general southward direction we pass by and under American Oaks. The trees cast shadows over and around the path we’re walking along, weaving in and out of our way.

The spindly branches of the close-sown oaks overlap to create a web of shadows, reaching out towards passers-by in an attempt to chase them. The grooves and pockets in the tree bark are cast in relief against the trunks, giving a startling amount of depth to the natural contours of the trees. They actually look kind of lonely. Their branches are reaching out towards people, trying to bring them in, but are only scaring them away by being too frightening. They attempt in vain to find some contact, any contact, but their efforts are foiled by none other than themselves.