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Light Observation 4

Location: My lounge, 2am

Objective: I was binge-watching season 3 of Game of Thrones with my friends Caitrin and Alex with all the lights off except for a strand of red, green, and white Christmas lights. I noticed how the light was reflecting off everything, from the white walls to the posters. It illuminated the room more than I’d ever noticed before, and made the gore of Game of Thrones seem all the more terrible.

Subjective: The lights seemed to shine brighter than usual. It danced through the rays of light coming from the TV, and everything seemed to be happening in hi-def. I could almost see all the separate colored waves of light bouncing from wall to wall, off of all our posters, and made Game of Thrones that much more intense.

Photo Observation #2: College Student’s Night Light Night Life


My roommate, the lovely Kayla Bickel, took this photo. She was excited after getting her new camera and was testing it out by photographing things in the room last week.

This photo was taken at night in my dorm room, and it is the lighting that best represents my own night life.

The little fireflies of color in the room guide me into sleep most nights. They shine with life in the dark right before I close my eyes. They are calming and soothing. The soft small lights are anything but imposing. They do not blind or clash with their surroundings. Instead, they mesmerize and encourage forgetfulness of worldly cares. These little spread of rainbow lights on the wall can open one’s eyes to other worlds. They give comfort like a warm little candle in the cold dark night, and, with their bright glow contrasting against the surrounding dark, they gently whisper that those who see them are safe. They could instantly be a child’s favorite night light for protection from the beasts of the darkness because of their pretty hues that are apt to bring smiles of delight. Thus, these orbs, these gems, that hang in the room at night are easily declared this college student’s night light, a vital part of my night life. In addition, the lights, themselves, only breathe and sing their soothing songs of color at night and could be considered to have a night life.

Photo Observation 9: Romantic


2. This image was found at

3. Theme: Romantic

4. Whenever I think of romance I think of the holidays, especially Christmas. I absolutely love the bright colors and exciting twinkle the create. The light is so genuine and vibrant it just reminds me of sheer beauty. I love the idea of laying down next to the one you love with a sea of colors surrounding you. Christmas lights create a beautiful rainbow, a pleather of hues in the room and shine like colorful stars in the sky. No matter where they are, the lighten the mood and thats why I correlate them with romance. After all, you know it is true love, when no matter where you are, the special someone walks in and fills your heart. This picture really does that for me. It takes what would normally be a cold hard wood floor and creates a vibrancy and energy like no other. It takes something simple and cold and makes it elaborate and warm without being overpowering or unnecessary. The light is as genuine as true love.

Lighting Observation

1) 2/17/12  12:30am on my bed

2) my colored Christmas lights hanging from my ceiling are reflecting off of the inflateable chili pepper that is also hanging from the ceiling.

3) This all happened quite by accident. i was thinking about lighting moments through my week and I looked up deep in thought an noticed how the light was reflected in the curves of the inflateable pepper. they move interestingly and create shadows in the folds. The chili pepper never is completely still, so the light is always slightly moving.

Lighting Observation #2 – Lee Moore

1. Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012. 3:43 AM, My dorm room

2. My room is dark and quiet except for one string of multi-colored christmas lights that stretches from my door to just above the headboard of my bed. They cast a dim reddish light across the room, with each light projecting a tiny halo on the wall of the room.

3.The christmas lights in my room cast just barely enough light to see the outline of my furniture. Everything in this half light is shadowy, warm and close. It makes my room feel small and sweet and mine. The halos around each tiny individual light are bright and rich, projecting little fingers of beauty in small circles around them. The light they give off isn’t very strong, but it radiates pure colorwonderful that reminds your heart to beat slow and deep. The warmth and familiarity of something so simple as christmas lights takes me back to hot cocoa and peppermint ice cream, and laying under my christmas tree in Baltimore. With my heater on and The Mountain Goats playing through my speakers, late nights with my christmas lights are the most peaceful and comforting life ever gets at Hofstra.