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Lighting Moment

1)2/28/14 1:15 AM Outside Emily Lowe

2) Two custodians stand around the corner of Emily Lowe near the parking lot.

3) Though leaving Lowe late at night is not a new experience for me, I rarely encounter other people. I was startled to see two large men standing just behind the corner of Emily Lowe. Their features were obscured in shadow and most of their bodies reduced to hulking masses. The streetlight in the distance lit them from behind, amber light against blackness. Their cigarettes glowed briefly, illuminating their faces only briefly.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 3)

Wednesday February 16th, 11:00 Outside Lowe Hall (cigarette pit)

2) The light is very orange. It is relatively dim. There is a dark shadow blocking out most of what is visible, and some light spilling on to the side of the building from a window right outside. The light from the window is bright white. There is very little visibility.

3) The light is foreboding and creepy. The orange seems other worldy, and the butts of cigarettes scattered on the dirt are only illuminated enough that they can be seen and not distinguished. The light spilling out the open window is cut off by the dark shadow cast by the railing and by the side of the ramp. It looks like jumping down, even though it is a small drop, would be very unpleasant.