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Light Observation #3

  1. February 16 at 3:00 in a classroom in the basement of Breslin Hall.
  2. Bright fluorescent ceiling lights were the only source of light in the classroom; there were no windows for natural light.
  3. The artificial blueish white light shone harshly on the sleepy, bored students. In the dark concrete abyss that is that basement of Breslin Hall, the forceful lights made it look and feel like a prison cell—like we were trapped and time was passing slower and slower each minute.

Lighting Observation 11

Date: 4/19/2016 Time: 3:19 p.m. Location: classroom in Davidson

Objective Description: I am in a basement classroom of Davidson. You cannot really see anything out of the window, outside is a concrete well sort of thing that has bars on top. The florescent lights are not on and the only light coming in is from the windows which are not covered by the blinds.

Subjective Description:  It is later in the afternoon so the sun is more eastward and is shining in through the windows. The angle that the sun is hitting the basement windows reflects off of the glass in a way that creates light and shadows to be reflected back onto the concrete. The shadow from the bars above the concrete also create shadows down onto the open blinds and wall. I thought this looked interesting just because of the odd angle that the sun is shining in. I also liked it because it created geometric shapes that reflected off of the window glass onto the concrete wall.

Light Observation #1

1. 1/31/13, 3:00pm, Art History Classroom in Breslin


2. Flicker from small overhead recessed lights that need to be replaced, glow from presentation screen


3. The recessed lighting comes from the center of the classroom, and with the dark edges of the room and the flicker of a bulb that needs to be replaced, the room has a very ominous feel, almost like a horror movie. The screen creates a stark glow when compared to the light from the softer recessed bulbs, and the brightness is uncomfortable in contrast. Between the glow and the flickering, although the room is full of people, it feels empty, and cold, sort of like a movie is playing in an empty theatre. It’s creepy, and I hope someone replaces this bulb before the next class.