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Lighting Ob #9

  1. 4/12/2016, 2:40pm, My dorm room
  2. Objective: Light coming in from the window ass well as the light supplied by the 5-bulb lamp in my room
  3. Subjective: The feel of the lighting is warm and calm but also mixed with a tinge of dullness. The warm light is coming from the lamp where it gives off a yellow/amber color that gives the room a warm feeling. The light from outside is much more dull because of the rain that happened earlier. It’s still quite cloudy outside so the light is more gray with small streaks of white light.

Lighting Ob #5

  1. 2/24/16, 4:14pm, Netherlands North Patio Core
  2. Objective: The lighting is very cloudy and dark. There is no sunlight out.
  3. Subjective: The lighting feels very sad and gloomy. The wind is slightly blowing adding to the feel of a melancholy evening. The clouds are frequent and a very light gray.

Light Observation #12

1. April 30th, 2:15 pm, Calkins Hall

2. It is raining outside and it is very cloudy and grey out.

3. As I stand at the door of Calkins hall beneath the overhang, I mentally prepare myself for going into the rain. The grey clouds hang low in the sky unleashing their burdens on Hofstra’s campus. Everything is a bleak and dreary and it’s difficult to motivate myself to step out into the rain.

Photo Observation #2

2) Photo By Nic Christopher. Taken 22 March 2010 at 5:30 PM in Vancouver, Canada.

3) THEME: Cold

4) DESCRIPTION: I usually find pictures and paintings of flowers and plants to have a warming and happy feeling to them however not in this image. Vancouver is a very wet and rainy place. In the spring the normal weather one would find would be clouds and rain. The lighting becomes very flat and gray. I found these flowers growing just off the beach in town and thought it was a very pretty image. When I uploaded the picture to my computer I noticed that the lighting had influenced the saturation of the greens and purples in the flowerbed to become muted and less brilliant. The very tip of the purple flower is very vibrant however it is the lighting that falls on the background that creates a colder feeling to me. The greens seem to reflect the gray tones of the sky and the rain that had fallen earlier that day. What really speaks to me in this image is the fact that such a vibrant picture has been altered by flat gray lighting to make the entire image feel cold rather than warm and spring like.