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Confessions of a wannabe Annie Ross



LIPS, a drag bar, for my 21st birthday. 2/9/14

To some, the lighting in this photo may spell out “tacky.” But I am a sucker for the cheap, orangey chandelier lighting in the dark room. I had two dream jobs as a child: Scooby Doo villain, and singer in a seedy, smoky bar. I grew out of the former, but still hold the latter very dear to my heart. There is something so comforting to me about the dimly lit room; it heightens the aural senses. (And of course, if I *were* the performer in this case, maybe crooning through a doleful rendition of “Bewitched,” I would be smack dab in the middle of that orange, hazy lighting.  I can hear glasses clinking and friends enjoying tipsy chatter, just from looking at this picture.

amusement plan



Photo Observation #3

nightlife (1)


3) THEME:Nightlife

4) DESCRIPTION: Watching from the side of the club, I watched as the lights danced on the faces of the other guests. The floor was washed with a harsh red, looking almost like fire against the club’s deck. A single blue light flashed around the club, like a searchlight looking for a lost criminal. It was flanked with two smaller lights, like eyes penetrating the red. Green lasers shot around the room, piercing the light with a sharp beam. They gave an almost surreal feel to the club, like the bottom on a spaceship, landing on Earth.