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Photo Observation 2- Cold

  1. I found this photo online:
  2. Theme: Cold
  3. The lighting in this photo is very dark and dense. Whenever i look at this picture, my feet immediately feel like ice.  I believe this effect has to do with the gray tones and the textures of the ground.

Photo Observation

  2. Cold
  3. The lighting in this photo consists of mainly cool tones. The cool toned lighting surrounding the chair combined with the concrete walls give the room a sense of coldness. The blue light bouncing off of the concrete wall emphasizes the bleakness of the room. The lack of warm colors further gives the room an icy feeling.

Photo Observation 2

  1. 123RF Stock Photos
  2. Cold
  3.  I thought this photo did a decent job in showing how the lighting changes based on the season. By comparing the bright sunny and warm lighting of the ocean scape during the warmer months to the dark depressing and frigid winter months, it really makes the winter picture feel colder to me than it would on its own.


  1. I took this February 9th, 12:40 PM, on the Hempstead turnpike.
  2. cold
  3. This photo of the Netherlands unispan completely lacks color. It is very dark and bleak. I was walking along the road and felt chilled to the bone. Seeing the empty roads and grey world caused me to imagine that this was the true snowpocalypse.

Photo Observation 2


3. Cold

4. This is a picture I used as research for my “air” element project for Drama 78 last year. I loved this picture because it really shows how cold the air is. The blue and white light are help show this by making it look almost icy and solid. I also like that everything is in silhouette except the breath, so it lights up compared to everything else. I’ve always thought that being able to see your breath is a good indicator of it actually being cold outside because we don’t get much snow in California unless you’re in the mountains. It also brings back childhood memories of pretending to be a dragon with my brother.

Photo Observation #2

2. Taken from my window

3. Cold

4. This makes me think of cold because of the fact that there is really nothing to be seen except white. Everything is covered in white. Besides that being the color of snow, that’s a color I associate with isolation and being alone which to me also brings about a feeling of coldness. I like that you really can’t see anything distinctive about where this photo is except for the cars that sprinkle a few dull colors about the photo. You can’t see buildings in the distance, just trees and snow. Something to me that furthers this feeling is also the watery ice marks in the corner of the photo which furthers the idea of isolation, with being on the outside looking in so to speak. The photo is just very dark and dull which brings out a feeling of coldness and I really like that.

Cold Atmosphere Against the Concrete

Source: Anton Jhonsen Photography, August 6, 2012 (

Theme: Cold

Description: A model is set against a concrete wall, lit by tungsten. The wall is splattered with stains and dabbles of paint, with a thick, sloppy line of blue atop the model’s head. Above the line is a spot of light condensed down. It gives an overcast over the model, illuminating the harsh paleness of her skin and white dress. On the far right, a studio and workbench are peaking behind the concrete wall.

To me, this photo spotlights the beautiful illusion that urban life sells to the populace. You may see the beauty of the city in its shining buildings, represented as the model sitting down. However, as seen behind the model, the city can be cracked, dirty place. That wall is the reality of what most cities attempt to hide with their models/skyscrapers. However, as you live in the city, you cannot escape the dirt and grime.

Photo Observation

  1. Found on Google under the search ‘Cold Picture’; url:; Photographer/Designer Unknown
  2. Theme: Cold
  3. I felt this photo was best for the ‘cold’ theme because of the way the light accentuates the snow and somewhat foggy sky.  Not only does it look cold because of the snow, but the colors are all very cool tones, and the light streaking through the cloudy sky gives is an ominous and chilled effect.  It reminds me of a foreboding barren landscape; the kind of cold where everything is completely silent and almost haunting.  Adding in the footprints and the imprint of where someone once sat on the bench, it feels both cold in atmosphere and cold in emotion.

2) This photo was found at…/how-can-i-create-a-shader-that-will-reproduce-this-lighting-effect-on-terrain by Josh Petrie on December 20, 2013.

3) Theme: cold

4) I find this picture fascinating by how the light reflects on the ice. Winter for me is like cold, icy glass that surrounds me especially when it snows. This photo reminds me of a glass mirror that I can see my reflection on. It looks so smooth and too delicate to touch. My eyes are concentrated on the bright light making everything else seems dim. The bright shining light makes me feel hopeful.

Lighting Observation 6: The light of Death illuminates a branch

29 Feb. 2016 at 6:40pm – Outside Dutch Treats

A soft bluish white light from the glowing sign of Dutch Treats shines on the branches of a bare tree right outside this establishment.

The light was sad, cold, pure, and spooky. Blue and white, faint and bright, the light varies as it hits the tree in different places. The tree with the cool light looks skeletal and deathly. Death rides on a pale horse and if Death carried a staff made out of a tree, then the staff would be lit to look just like this. The gloom but yet beauty of this bright light reflecting off of the bare tree is haunting and captivating. The mood created by this lighting scene is gloomy and the lighting is brings forth a mood that one might feel at a funeral.