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Photo Observation #3

Title: Late night in the park

Photo Credits: beanarts on DeviantArt

Theme: Night Life

Description: When I think of my night life I think of my long walks with friends through parks or neighborhoods. The lighting here is beautiful to me and ideal because each streetlamp is lighting the path perfectly. The shadows aren’t ominous but more like shields protecting the lit path.

Light Observation #3

When & Where: February 14th, 2017 / Constitution Hall Room 302

Objective Description: The suns rays were beaming into the dorm room. The light was hitting everything face-front from the window, causing shadows to extend far behind each object. Everything behind a shadow is nearly invisible due to how bright the sun is.

Subjective Description: The scene was intense and arrested my view as the sun shined directly in the dorm. It was as if the suns rays were flooding like water in the room and anything in it’s way were rocks in the stream.

Photo Observation #2

Title: Shadows Over Central Park

Photo Credits: William Carson Jr.


Theme: Shadows

Description: Central Park is an enormous lush and green square right in the middle of Manhattan, yet the towers surrounding it are still able cast their shadow over it. This picture to me is breathtaking in just how much these skyscrapers seem to loom over Central Park. In one way, it’s ominous. It serves as a reminder of how “big industry” can take over and threaten nature. However, this reminds me of how at peace I feel when protected by the shade on a hot day. The towers aren’t intimidating but instead protecting me from the suns harsh rays, along with any other creature native to the park.

Lighting Observation #2

When & Where: Febuary 7th, 2018 / Constitutiuon, 3rd Flood, Bathroom

Objective Description: The shower stall is small and fits just one person. The stall has one fluorescent tube light above it that would normally be on, but the bulb was out. The only sources of light for the stall was provided by the other ceiling light above the other shower stall. The entire stall was covered in shadow except for just the light breaking through from top of the stall.

Subjective Description: Being within the stall felt like hiding away. The shade gave me a sense of comfort, as if it were a spot made just for me to relax. The added light from the top of the stall made it seem like my only connection to the outside, making my corner all the more fun to be in.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. January 31st, 2018/Student Center Dinning Hall
  2. The artificial lighting from the dinning hall made a harsh yellow tone inside. Just outside the dinning hall is skylights that let the sun shine straight through into the student center creating natural light. Both the lighting mixed at the opening to the dinning hall creating a bright green.
  3. The two colors with very contrasting tones were the first thing to catch my eye. The sun shined at such an angle that it made the student center feel alive and new, while the dinning hall felt like it was in it’s own timezone completely. The green in the middle of it all made me think of a twilight, a space where both the clashing tones could find a middle-ground.