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Light Observation #10

April 18th, 2018/ 5pm/ The Unity Project-Memorial (Calkins) Quad

Objective Description: I’m standing under the layer of yarn strings. The strings are blocking out the sun but there are many cracks that let in the suns rays.

Subjective Description: The Unity Projects giant yarn quilt is already beautiful, but having the sun shine from above it makes the yarn glow in a rainbow pattern. The cracks in the quilt also shine straight through and you can almost “see” the beams if you look down at the grass.

Photo Observation #10

Source: obliviate-stock . deviantart . com

Theme: Enchanted

Description: In this image, a woman is leaning in towards a glowing crystal ball as her hands also gently hover above the table. This image gave me a mysterious vibe while also capturing wonder and magic . The way the ball glows and lights the woman’s face as she looks into the viewers eyes also makes it feel all the more mystical.

Lighting Observation #10

  1. April 9th / 10PM / Peninsula Boulevard
  2. A completely empty highway without any lighting except a single streetlamp far in the distance.
  3. As I drove back to campus after a trip home, I noticed the street was dangerously dark. My fear only rose when I noticed the streetlight glowing down the street. The amber light was soft and lit a wide area.

Virtual Light Lab Project

For this stage picture I used an image I found of a literal sunset in Vermont for inspiration. The models are facing the general direction of the sun while their opposite sides are left to the darkness.


  • R3202 48° Elevation Angle, 38° Back Angle / 17ft Above / 6ft Stage Right / 8ft Upstage
  • AP2190 51° Elevation Angle / 17ft Above / 9th Stage Left / Direct Sidelight
  • Ap2100 43° Elevation Angle / 17tf Above / 12ft Stage Left / Direct Sidelight

The lighting inside a cathedral isn’t very bright except when the light shines through the windows. This was my inspiration for the scene and the backdrop. The lighting on the tops represents the morning sun rays coming through the stain-glass windows.


  • Top Row: AP3350/G345  Bottom Row: AP3520


  • RE190 43° Elevation Angle / 17ft Above / 12ft Stage Right / Direct Sidelight
  • RE190 48° Elevation Angle, 37° Side Angle / 17ft Above / 6ft Stage Left / 8ft Downstage

The inspiration for this lighting came from the beaches of Hawaii. The lighting on the bottom row of the backdrop represents the sand of the beach. There’s also a subtle blue on stage right to represent the refection of water. The sphere is a giant beachball for Lucy play with on her vacation.


  • Top Row: Ap2000  Bottom Row: R3405


  • NC 23° Elevation Angle, 56° Side Angle / 12ft Above / 12ft Stage Right / 8ft Downstage
  • G510 32° Elevation Angle , 56° Side Angle / 6ft Above / 12ft Stage Right/ 8ft Downstage
  • G410 90° Elevation Angle / 17ft Above / Centered /Direct Downlight
  • G740 -19° Elevation Angle, 56° Backlight / 1ft above / 12ft Stage Left / 8ft Upstage

My inspiration for this scene came from images of a nearly pink sky contrasting the ground covered in a layer of snow. I tried imtating the reflection of light snow gives in daylight also.


  • Top Row: L162  Bottom Row: G790


  • AP2040 37° Elevation Angle, 56° Side Angle / 17ft Above / 12ft Stage Right / 8ft Downstage / 42% Level
  • AP2040 54° Elevation Angle (Direct Back Light) / 17ft Above / Centered / 8ft Downstage
  • L013 27° Elevation Angle / 12ft Above / 12ft Stage Left / Direct Sidelight
  • NC -19° Elevation Angle, 56° Side Angle / 1ft Above / 12ft Stage Left / 8ft Downstage

Lighting Observation #8

March 28th / Axinn Library 10th Floor

Objective Description: The Sun is slowly setting and its light is directly behind someone’s head, creating a silhouette.

Subjective Description: Looking up from my book, all I could see is the outline of my friend. The Suns rays would have been beaming into my eyes if my friend hadn’t been sitting there and their long shadow hadn’t been cast. The image was nearly biblical.

Photo Observation #8

Source: Viktor Dikanchev

Theme: Surreal

Description: While at a glance this image is simple in concept, it’s actually very bizarre the more you stare it. The bulb itself is floating yet lit, and the person being lit by it is covering it and staring at it like a live fire.

Photo Observation #7

Source:  Jen Markert, for

Theme: Scary

Description: While simple, by just adding a soft white light to just the side of this man’s face, he’s suddenly very threatening. The shadows on his right completely cover his face as he looks directly forward, adding a sense of serious danger.

Light Observation #7

  1. March 15, 2018 / 11pm / My dorm
  2. The room is lit only by a single LED bulb in a lamp. There’s a green cardigan over the lamp changing the hue of the lamp light to a subtle green.
  3. The light green hue of the light made the room feel enveloped in nature, as if the sun were shining through the leaves of trees.

Photo Observation #6


Theme: Happy

Description: This is an example of me making use of the theme to its fullest. In the image, a girl is looking at something or someone and uses a flashlight to highlight her face. I cannot explain as to why she’s smiling but she is clearly happy. The photo gives me a deeply unsettling feeling and nervousness, but at least the subject of the image is enjoying herself as a result of the light.

Lighting Observation #6

  1. March 7th, 2018 / 3pm
  2. There’s a snow storm happening outside and the wind is flowing in all different directions at high speeds. The sun is high but dim due to the storm.
  3. The entire was sky was as white as a canvas. It was as if the sky had been replaced with one enormous cloud. The sky had cast a looming grey over the ground and the sun on occasion was completely gone.