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Photo Observation 3

Photo by NinoBeg via Wikimedia Commons


The nightlife is alien.  A separate world from the one that I exist in which there are no rules and the mere energy of the room is intoxicating.  This photo conveys that wild feeling I associate with nightlife and the overwhelming use of green transports me from my world into an entirely different place.

Photo Observation #12 Four Seasons


This is a fall Sunset on Venus.

Fall sunsets are purple and orange. I did my best to create the moment just before dusk on a fall sunset. Venus itself is a bright fiery orange and therefore I chose a gel that was especially saturdated to dramatize the presence of orange on the stage to signify Venus.

  • Strip Lights (Top): AP3550 (25%), AP2190 (75%), AP1900 (25%) AP1900 (25%)
  • Strip Lights (Bottom): AP3150 (75%), AP3800 (Full), AP3150 (25%), AP3800 (Full)
  • SR Side AP1800 (75%) 37 Degrees Elevation, 56 Degrees Side
  • NC (50%),  54 Degree Elevation, Front Light,
  • AP3800 (Full) 54 Degree Elevation, Direct Back light
  • AP3800 (Full) 37 Degree Elevation, 56 Degree Back Angle,
  • AP3800 (Full) 0 Degree Elevation, 56 Degree Back Angle


This is Spring Sunrise in New England on Earth.

Spring sunrise’s in New Egland are filled with a mixture of warmth from the sun, and brisk cold air from the night. As the sun rises shades of blue and yellow slowly fade through the trees. I tries my best to capture that image in my design by using a combination of light yellows and blues.

  • Strip Lights (Top): 4 G780 (25%)
  • Strip Lights (Bottom): 4 G420 (Full)
  • G450 (50%) 29 Degree Elevation, 37 Degree Side Angle SL
  • G342 (75%) 35 Degree Elevation, Front Light Light,
  • G770 (Full) 37 Degree Elevation, 56 Degree Back Angle SR


This is Noon on a Hot Summer Day on Mars

Mars is known for it’s shade of red. Hot summer’s days often have a  strong source of light from the sun. I went with the idea that the sun was red on mars, creating this strength of light and temperature on the stage.

  • Strip Lights (Top): 4 G250 ( 2 Full, 2 50%)
  • Strip Lights (Bottom): 4 G480 (25%)
  • G435 29 (75%) Degree Elevation, 37 Degree Side SL
  • AP8350 (75%) 54 Degree Elevation, Front Light
  • AP8350 (75%) 37 Degree Elevation, 56 Degree Side Light SR


This is a Winter Afternoon on Saturn.

Winter afternoons are dark and gray. The light is stark and plain. Saturn is the same except for the ring of pruple circling the planet reflecting it’s beauty onto the surface of the planet. I used this theory to mix both winter and saturn to create my design.

  • Strip Lights (Top): 4 L725 (Full)
  • Strip Lights (Bottom ): 4 L701 (25%)
  • RE061 (Full) 54 Degree Elevation, Front Light
  • RE200 (75%) 43 Degree Elevation, Side Light SL



Light Observation!

26 April, 2012
Webster Hall, New York City, NY
Around  7:30 pm

I got to go to a mosh-style concert for the alternative punk rock band The Wombats. They had two bands as opening acts, the first being an unknown quasi-progress rock band, the second a very loud punk rock band.

Prior to this I had never been to a rock concert before. I’d been in sit-down atmospheres for a couple of my favorite artists, but those had assigned seats. This was a full-on standing room only, potential mosh pit style venue, with loud speakers and crazy concert lights. With all of this, before the Wombats came on stage, before their opening acts, before anything but radio music was playing and people were only just filtering in, I was in a perpetual state of wide-eyed excitement. As an overall experience, it was wonderful. It was loud and crazy and busy and I felt the bass in my chest and the movement of the floor. I was with good friends listening to wonderfully blaring and fantastic music, and all of this pretty much carried on throughout.

While I am an avid fan of the Wombats, I was a lot more impressed by the first opening act (whose name I conveniently cannot remember), a watered-down progressive rock band a la Coldplay and Young the Giant, though with slightly less enunciation. For their set, they had four giant light bulbs on stage, set up between instruments and band members, mostly surrounding the drummer (as he was center stage). Before they started playing my friend and I were somewhat confused as to what they were exactly – it was pretty dark and we only saw lights glinting off of the bulbs because they weren’t on yet. But then when they started playing their music, when it got super loud and fast and busy and energetic, the lightbulbs went off and on to the beat. Flashes of muted amber went off with the other LEDs and moving lights in the theatre, completely drawing you in trance-like to the music and sucking your focus almost primarily to the beat of the drums amidst the loud and full music coming from the band as a whole.