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Light Observation #3

1. 2/14/2018 8PM outside Netherlands Dorms

2. The flashing lights of a fireman’s car drove by, the blue and red flashing brightly as it approached the dorm. A small mix of yellow light was also in the warning lights with over the car. The front headlights a bright and harsh radiant white.

3. It was almost a shock when the vehicle turned the corner, the lights going off as a fire alarm sounded loudly. The lights hitting me just before it rounded on the building giving me a sudden flash of panic as those colors made my brain associate with danger. Then realizing it was a drill my panic calmed and I walked on with those illuminating flashes behind me.

Photo Observation #3

2. Photo: Taken at a fire pit in Chicago by the lake.

3. Theme: Night Life

4. Description: It was a large bonfire surrounded by the darkness of a summer night. There were left over color smoke bombs from a Fourth of July which involved many fireworks over a small lake. These smoke bombs were thrown into the fire to create an artificial flame of blues, purples, and some greens. This resulted in an amazing glow of amber light from the fire as well as those other colors. Illuminating the night around it with sudden heat of light.

Light Observation #2

  1. 02/07/2018 Outside Alliance Hall late at night.
  2. The burning bright amber cone of a cigarette that has been smoked and is about to go out on the ground. It doesn’t have enough glow to illuminate the area around it. However the light is strong enough to be seen from far away. When there are two both in an ash tray and both just about to go out.
  3. This light is the kind which reminds me of not only bad habits but good times. The idea that some cigarettes can be lit by themselves and be lonely verses the fact that there are two laying together shows that there were two people. It’s the idea or romance that these amber buds of light from sticks of nicotine and chemicals which can kill you can bring two people together. As such whenever I see anything resembling these lights or burning amber I think to romance and smoking.

Photo Observation #2

2. This was a photo taken by me a good few months ago during the summer months at HOFSTRA

3. Theme: Shadows

4. This photo has a good use of one light source from behind to light the gazebo. This also makes sure what bits of the gazebo get in the way to allow for a nice shadowed effect over some of the crosswalk. This photo also has a nice mix of greens and wood grain made brighter by the contrast.

Photo Observation #1

2) Taken in Denison, Iowa by myself

3) Theme is Sunrise/Sunset

4) The way the light goes over the stark darkness of the foreground of the trees and hills plus the mix of clouds which half covered the light allow for a ghostly effect. The light only pushing through the middle of the image making it a very focused light rather than being the usual sunset which hits the rest of the sky.

Light Observation #1

1/30/2018. 4:00AM. Inside my dorm

2) A series of string lights all with different autumn colors plus some light blues. These are all shaped in the form of a tear drop with a black metal cage on the outside. These are all against a white wall above an empty doorway.

3) The way the different color lights hit the empty blackness below while also hitting the white ceiling above made an illusion to heaven hell and purgatory. At night it ended up striking the scene as very pleasing to the eye with the not too harsh colors plus mix of light to dark.