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Photo Observation


Photo Credit: George Steinmetz for National Geographic

Theme: Shadow

Description: This is one of my favorite pictures ever, and a totally awesome example of shadows. The tiny white lines at the feet of the camels are actually the camels, and the black camels you see are actually their shadows. At first glance, this picture looks like some kind of painting you may find on a cave wall because the shadows are completely flat black. I think this picture is an awesome example of shadows that are created based on where your viewpoint is – if you were to view this same scene from the ground, it would look entirely different, and not nearly as cool as it is when viewed from above.

Horseshoe Bend – Tia


2. Photo Credit: Me

3. Theme: Hot

4. This picture was taken in Page, Arizona. The water pictured is the Colorado River where it comes to form a bend. I chose this picture for this week’s theme for one main reason and that is the lack of shadows. To me, shadows mean that something is around to provide shade and cool to people or animals and none of that exists here. There is little to no shrubbery and the sun is high in the sky almost alway. The temperatures get very high. This picture looks hot to me because it resembles a desert. The light is very pale but dry looking suggesting that there is no moisture. All you see is just bright white/yellow light coming from the sun which gives a “hot” feeling to me.

Photo Observation #4: Hot as Oranges in Florida


I found this image online. It can be found at

The lighting theme is hot.

Orange, red, and yellow may be cooler in terms of degrees Kelvin but they are associated with warm things like the sun and fire. The big bright hues of the sky reflect the excessive warmth of the lighting. The sky is on fire, red hot. The golden ball of gaseous matter shines like the largest gem and greatest treasure in the sky and makes the sky its hue. It is yellow and white with a hint of orange like a match flame glowing bright to light a candle. It is thus a mass producer of heat parching the landscape like how a used match is charred. It silhouettes and gives a highlight of red to the things beneath it like what a dreamer might imagine the Martian landscape to look like. This red makes the world seem hot like a laser beam has been pointed at everything. The distribution is wide engulfing the entire sky and majority of the landscape in the warm colors and causing the silhouetting to occur. The light source glows with warmth, and the lighting is as hot as a bright red pepper tastes as a consequence.

Photo Observation #7

1) Desert



3) Hot

4) Well this photograph is of a desert, which is obviously something that is very hot. What sticks out to me in this picture, however, is the rising/setting sun. It means the desert is in its first or last moments of heat in the day. Some sand is absorbing heat, which contrasts with the sand cooled by shadow. It’s hot as long as the sun is out and the sun is still present in this picture.



Photo Observation: Hot #7


2. Photo from

3. Theme: Hot

4. Looking at this photo, my mouth begins to dry and I become parched. When I thought of the theme “hot”, I immediately thought desert sun. There is something about the sun shines through the clouds  and spreads it’s beams wide. The variety of reds, oranges, and yellows, fill the sky creating an image of fire in the sky. Sunlight always warms you and is correlated with “hot”. Even on the coldest day, everything seems that much better when you are in the sun instead of shadows. It’s heat is a strong memory in the brain and therefore, the light itself triggers that feeling of hot power beating up against your skin. This picture is a perfect visual for that feeling. When you look at it, you get a little tingle against your skin because your mind wants to experience the sensation of heat it gets when it see’s the same image in the sky.

Photo Observation #3: Cold

  1. 20060407122750_waxing-storm-ii
  2. Photo from
  3. Theme: Cold
  4. This quality of light in this picture is cool and eery. It shows the picture of a desert road which would normally be sweltering hot. On the contrary the coming storm and it’s clouds filters the light making what would naturally be a warm amber into a blue and green tinted shade. The shadows are undefined and scattered making the ground hazed and dark. The light shining through the clouds is a cool blue creating shades of grays and blues across the sky. When I look at this picture I picture the wind blowing cool air down my back and the shivering anticipation one gets in night air of winter. What is especially interesting is that the light looks cold in a climate and location that is normally extremely hot.

Photo Observation-week 6


2) From my computer

3) Theme: Happy

4)When you look at this picture the main focus is the big hill in the middle. It seems as if the sun is a spotlight and shining only on that hill. everything around the hill in the desert looks dark and like its an abis. Nothing is more important than this hill. The sun illuminates and shines over this hill.