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Street Lamps (LO1)

Jan. 31, 2016 – 11:30pm – Front porch of my house in Great Neck, NY

The lamps on my street used to glow a soft amber. They were recently changed. I can see about 4 or 5 of them, harshly cutting through the atmosphere, illuminating every 50ft or so in a bright, wide white circle, leaving patches of darkness between every lamp. The bright (I suspect halogen or LED), new lamps throw the shadows of trees and piles of snow into stark relief.

What used to be a soft, warm glow guiding your leisurely walk home in the darkness of winter is starkly contrasted by the haunting white beams slicing through the black, foggy night. A nervous, quick-paced walk through the eery mist in the dead of night replaces an evening stroll. Clutching your bag to your chest, constantly checking over your shoulder, the buzzing hum of the electricity bounces around in your head while the whistling of the wind through the branches of winter-bared trees sends a shiver down your spine. You quicken your pace as the blinding white light leaves your vision spotty as you enter into the dark, growing stretch of pavement between you and the next glaringly bright spot ahead. Only one more block to go.