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Photo Observation #3

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Photo by: Jennifer Westman
3. Night Life
4. This photo shows how the movement of light works in distorting reality. I think this picture causes a feeling of confusion when attempting to follow the light an understand what is happening in the photo, but I thought it also showed a great display of life and movement in the darkness.

Light Observation #3

1. Date: February 15, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: In front of Weed Hall
2. The is a bright blue light on top of the emergency pillars, namely the one in front of Weed Hall, and at night it casts a light blue haze immediately around it.
3. This light made me feel strange for some reason. I believe the purpose of the light is to stand out as much as possible in the event of an emergency but, in light of recent events, it comes off as almost unnerving. I always expect an emergency light like that to be red or white, but adding the situation to that lighting choices causes two feelings that conflict each other.

Photo Observation #2

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Photo by Eloise Cribb

3. This photo creates a fear of the unknown in anyone who sees it. Shadows are often used to reveal things that are unseen by the human eye. This creates a feeling of unease and wariness of the thing we will never know or understand until it’s too late (as shown in the photo). The room is also fairly dim, which causes an ominous ambiance around the actions in the photo.

Lighting Observation #2

1. Date: February 8, 2018
Time: 6:30pm
Location: My room
2. There is a lamp that shines on the side of my dorm room. It has no lampshade so the light coming from the bulb is bright enough to adequately brighten the whole room. Because the light is not in the middle of my room, it causes to be cast from every object in my room.
3. Despite the numerous ominous shadows cast because of this light, it does not evoke any mysterious emotions from me. The light has more of a somber and sad feeling attached to it. It reminds me of a work light and I picture someone that is hard at work in their own home and is concentrating heavily.

Photo Observation #1


Photo taken by Jim Burns

3. Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

4. This sunset causes a somewhat unsettling feeling that is not often shown in the usually beautiful pictures of the sun rising or setting. The purple/blue colors in the top clouds split the view of the sunset and the upright cloud with matching colors almost looks as if it is reaching out to the top. The scene is harshly intersected by yellow/orange gradient that allows this picture to showcase two vastly different colors caused by sunrises or sunsets. It also causes an eerie yet tranquil feeling to wash over me.

Lighting Observation #1

1. Date: February 1, 2018
Time: 5:30
Location: Emily Lowe Building
2. A robustly orange light shines on the side of the building onto a set of descending stairs that leads to a pair of double doors. The light creates shadows around the sides of the set of stairs.
3. This orange light forces you to imagine someone looking back and then slowly descending into the light, down the stairs, and then out of the light, through the doors. It would immediately cause a sense of unease for any onlooker and creates a feeling of mystery for whatever is behind the doors.