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Light Observation

  1. 3/7/2017, 12:45 PM Hofstra’s Starbucks
  2. The overhead lights seemed dimmer than usual, the lights in the display case were bright.
  3. I’ve gone to Hofstra’s Starbucks quite often, but I happened to appreciate the lights of the display case a little bit more than usual.  The lights above were dull in comparison to the intense glow in the case highlighting the treats inside.  Each dessert and leftover breakfast snack had its own powerful spotlight to be presented in.  Each item was given importance by the bright overhead light.

Photo Observation

  1. Solo Hiking, Going It Alone
  2. Mysterious
  3.  The photo has dim lighting and the moon isn’t shown in the picture so I thought that was kind of curious and mysterious. I always associate mystery with curiosity and eeriness. The picture is just lit enough to create a reflection of the trees off the water and the fog makes it so that you can’t see where the land stops and the water begins which I think is mysterious.