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Lighting Observation

  1. 4/9/17, 7:00 pm, Estabrook Hall
  2. Objective: The blinds on the left window of my room was completely shut, but the blinds on the right window were slightly opened. This allowed small streaks of light to come into the room. The room was fairly dark since the sun was setting.
  3.  Subjective: After a long day of non stop homework, I had the chance to lay down for a few minutes before doing some spring cleaning. Turning on the overhead lights would ruin the peaceful moment, so I opted for the natural light the sun provided. There was not much sunlight left since the sun was setting. There was however small streaks of light peaking through the partially cracked blinds. My attention immediately went to the newly formed lines on my wall created by the light. The stress I had previously felt slowly melted away and a desperately needed wave of relaxation emerged.

Lighting Observation

3/16/2017  4 AM Hague House, my room

White light pouring in through the window, light coming from the top half of the computer coming out in slots, bottom half unobstructed light. Covers walls in light.

The darkness of the night is a myth.  When the supposed darkest hours of the day are in full swing, endless light pours forth into my room and shines across each wall.  The glow of the light shifts slowly over time but persists in breaking through no matter what hour it is.  The only wall spared of the chunks of brightness graces my roommate while I face the wrath of the night’s sunny gleam.

Light observation

Monday, 1o pm. Location: My dorm overlooking the student center

Objective Orange street light shines through my dirty dorm window. my glasses halo the beam.

subjective: An irritating orange glow shines in my eye. It bounces off of my glasses frame into my eye constantly proving it will not be ignored, despite multiple room configurations- and no the blinds do not block it.  I turn, to confront the light, it stretches out never brighter just more annoying. It highlights how dirty my window is, through no fault of my own its dirty on the outside. I never thought a light could be so annoying.

Light Observation #2

  1. Thursday, February 9 at 12:30pm sitting in my bed in Hague house in the Netherlands Complex.
  2. The lights in my room were off and the blinds on the window were shut, but the bright white light from the snowy scene outside shone through and lit up the room.
  3. I woke up to find that the midday sun was shining brightly, enjoying itself and having fun bouncing around in the newly snow-covered world. Its happiness was contagious as the sun reached through my blinds, saturating my room with a bright white glow. My sleepy eyes adjusted as the vivid colors of my room were illuminated by the cheerfulness of a new day.

Lighting Observation 12

Date: 4/24/2016 Time: 8:00 p.m. Location: my dorm

Objective Description: The setting sun is shining through my blinds. The rest of my room is dark.

Subjective Description: My building faces the east and I am on the 9th floor so I get to watch the sun set over the city skyline every night. Over the past hour, the sun has been shining into my room through the cracks in the blinds and have been changing colors as the sun sets farther. Over the course of the hour, my room changes from having yellow stripes on the wall, to orange, to pink, gradually making my room darker and darker until there is no more sunlight coming in and I sit in complete darkness.


Lighting Observation 7

Date: 3/11/2016 Time: 9:15 p.m. Location: in my dorm

Objective Description: All of the lights in my room are out except for my Christmas lights. They are “icicle” lights so little strands of lights hand off of the main strand. There are also glittery, mini ornaments hanging on the lights.

Subjective Description: The mini bulbs reflect off of my pale yellow wall and it looks like each bulb is glowing. They are also hanging at all different lengths and do not really have a rhyme or reason to where they hang. This along with their individual, mini glows makes them look like stars in the sky. The small ornaments hanging off of the lights also make a cool effect on the wall. Because the ornaments were glitter, each individual speck of glitter reflected the light in its own way. The ornaments hanging on the strand of lights looked like mini disco balls and made the lighting feel fun just off of their reflections.

Light Observation #1

1. 7:15 AM, Wednesday, January 29th 2014. 614B Portsmouth House, Colonial Square.

2. Sunlight filtering through semi-opened blinds and hitting the floor and bed.

3. Eyelids twitching open from the unexpected brightness, I was suddenly awake with blinding beams of light biting into my eyes. The more awake I became, the more the room became a warm, peachy color.