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Light Observation #12

1. 3:50 AM, April 26, 2013 – Lowe 216

2. There are 14 fluorescent lights on creating a simply wash in the room with tints of green and yellow.

3. I feel sick. I am worn down and look ugly. When I look a my arms, its as if I can see my skin melting into my bones. The light pierces my pupils and blinds them. It is late. Very late. I struggle to sleep. I want to, but even if I had the time, the light is so strong, so present in the room, I cannot. There is no beauty. The way the lights fills the room, eliminates all happiness. Everything looks sickly, stuck in a dormant state. I sit her and push through the pain and emptiness of the fluorescent lights above, hoping for an end to this madness, thirsty for something good to look at.