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Photo Observation: Single Light Source/Shadow



Ann Davlin on

“Shadow Dancert”

3) Single Light Source/Shadow

4) To have passion for something is to completely devote oneself to what you believe in and wish to accomplish. That means practice. That means dedication. It is creating your own storybook and filling the pages with experience. Even when you’re alone or in the dark, it’s not an excuse to give up. Keep going and keep filling the pages. It will all be worth it once the spotlight is on you. It will be your time to shine. All that’s left is to read the story you wrote. Seeing this dancer practice by herself is inspiring. It gives me a sense of hopefulness mixed with respect. She is alone in the dark but she is still practicing and moving forward.

Photo Observation #9 – Impractical Fashion

This lighting is quite intriguing. The picture is a dress made of 10,000 LED lights and it was worn by an opera singer. The lights all work together and mix with one another to create to image of this dress. The colors all blend well into one another, from blue to yellow to green to pink. The bottom piece has no holes at all in the dress, it is one unified object of color. The LEDs on top have black around them as the LEDs are more spaced out. The dress itself fascinates me. There is a risk to where live circuitry around your body in the form of a dress. It surrounds the entire body with light. But who would wear such a dress? Maybe someone who is insecure, trying to keep the focus off their physical body, and on their artificial one. This purely artificial light cannot help but steal your attention. If someone where wearing a dress like this, I would feel the inclination to talk to them and introduce myself. Is this the way for new fashion? A blend of different LED colors, illuminating as one solid image? It does not seem practical to me at all. But when has fashion ever obeyed the laws of practicality?