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Photo Observation #5

I took this photo on my way back to campus with two of my friends and we noticed that it was uncharacteristically dark outside and there were no shadows except the ones from the headlights. It took us a little bit longer until we realized that all the street lamps and stoplights were out. Everything looked instantly more ominous and weird until we got back to campus, where the streetlights were working.

Lighting Observation #4

1. February 18th, 11:30-12:00 at night on Portion Road.

2. This light is a bunch of bright headlights rushing by the left side of me. In front of me are red, some-what circular brake lights. These lights shined during a pitch black night.

3. As I drive home from a long day of work, I noticed the blaring, but beautiful headlights that rush past me on a dark night. They start off as a small twinkle in the distance, but as the cars on the other side rush by, they become two big white lights, creating a streak of brightness that lasts for a mere second. In front of me are two glowing red lights that flicker on and off. These brilliant lights were all around me as they illuminated the rest of my way home.


Light Observation #4

1) February 21, 2013, 5:15pm, Roosevelt Field Mall; Garden City

2)  I am driving towards the mall going straight, the sun is so bright and shining right at me.

3) As I was driving to make a right turn, the sun was glaring straight at me and I felt the warmth of the sun on this cold and windy day. This light was an inconvenience because I could not see where I was going and it was so much light that the drivers had to be careful not to hit each other and cause an accident. I have not done this in a long time. Even though the sun was extremely bright, the sky had a different purple/blue color to it. Also, this light showed a lot of shadows in front of the road when you drive. Every movement that happens, you can see the shadow move on the ground.