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Photo Observation

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3. Surreal

4.I picked this photo to fit the theme of surreal because it is unusual and is a bizarre twist on a seemingly normal picture of jellyfish. This photo spoke to me most because it reminded me of a trip I took to the aquarium in South Carolina. When I was 14 I took a bunch of pictures of the different kinds of jellyfish and each tank was lit completely different from each other. the lighting of this particular jellyfish species reminded me of how these jellyfish were lit at the aquarium; with faint blue light that makes it seem like they’re electrified and if you touch them you’ll get shocked. What makes this photo surreal is the fact that there is a woman in a dress whose legs have turned into the tentacles of a jellyfish.

Photo Observation #4: Happy

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  3. Theme: Happy
  4. The light in this picture fills me with happiness and joy. It’s movement is vivid with great vibrancy and all of the colors hold a sense of brightness and strength. The light emanates many different extremes of bright shades on the spectrum and electricity gives it a new life. It looks as though the light is moving and dancing around in  great celebration. The texture of the light creates multiple layers signifying wealth in both quantity and quality. The l the way it is moving and shining so brightly gives a sense of ownership and pride. It’s as if the light is saying, “I’m here. I’ve arrived and I’m proud of who I am and I am happy to be who I am.”  The combination of colors, brightness, movement and texture created by the light evoke a feeling of happiness and excitement throughout the photo.