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Photo Observation #7

2) I took the photo last weekend on campus

3) THEME: Scary

4) DESCRIPTION: Because of how the light only shines on half of their faces creates a mysterious and horror like feeling. The majority of the photo is dark and creepy appearing. This feeling comes across because of the absence of light. Also, the warm amber, almost leaning on the red side of the color, creates this creepy feeling as well. It seems like the light is almost “coming for them.” Overall, the photo is very creepy from the way the light hits the girls’ faces and the lighting behind them about to take them away.

Lighting Observation #7

1) March 16-5:58pm-LIRR train to Penn station

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun was coming in from the train window on the right on me. Because the sun was setting, the light appears to be warmer than normal. The light hits my friends whole bodies sitting across from me. The light also came in a shape of the window, which was a rectangle. The sun light does not hit me directly but does reflect off indirectly.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Here the lighting created a happy and calming feeling. Even with the sharp edges of the shape, it did not feel harsh. The shape of the light acted like a frame around my friends. The light felt calming because of the color of light. It was warm and welcoming, which created this calming feeling. The way the light framed my friends made me feel very happy.

Light Observation #6

1) March 7th-7:40 pm-Netherlands Unispan

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: There were two rows of lights across the bridge so one could see when crossing it at night. The lights were not all the same color tone however. Some were amber and some were a cool white. Also, the different color of the lights were not in any particular pattern.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In this moment, the lighting made me literally groan. I was so annoyed that the colors of the lights did not match to each other. Also, because of how the lights where spaced, there was just a circle with no light in between each light for the entire bridge walkway. Therefore, there ended up being big dots of non-patterned colors of lights across the nether-span. This created a very irritating feeling because of how the lights did not match and were not even in a pattern.

Photo Observation #6

2) I took the photo near the beginning of Fall semester 2017

3) THEME: Happy

4) DESCRIPTION: How the rainbow light faintly lays over my hand gives off a soft sort of feeling. This photo gives off a happy feeling because of the color tone the lighting causes the photo to be. How the hand has a relationship with the light rather than the light just being apart of the picture gives off this happier feeling as well. This is because of how my hand is fully involved with the light. The light lays over my hand like a blanket, which gives a comforting, positive feeling.

Photo Observation #5

2) Found the image from Pinterest. The photographer is Julia Hetta, a Dutch photographer who is a graduate Gerrit Rietveldt Art Academy in Amsterdam.

3) THEME: Single Light Source

4) DESCRIPTION: It took me some time to find a decent photo that only had one light source. First I had picked a different photo by the same photographer, however I was worried there was actually another light source involved. I liked this photo not only because it meets the requirements of being one light source, but it has a nice soft feeling to it. This feeling comes from the color scheme of the photo and also how the light hits the model’s face.

Lighting Observation #5

1) 2/25/18- 7:24pm- Interstate 24 on the Jones Beach exit

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Setting in a car during some traffic, a street light on the right side of the car flickered randomly. The light was off more often than it was on. It was also the only light around except for our car’s head lights. The color of the street light was the typical warm, amber color of street lights.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This lighting moment was entirely creepy. It looked like something in a horror film. In this case, it felt like in the movies when the character’s flashlight would start to die while running around the haunted forest. Every time the street light would flicker on, I was worried some terrifying demon creature would pop up. This came across because of the lack of light that played into the fear of darkness feeling; Also, the timing in which the light would flicker was so abnormal, it created an unsettling sensation.

Photo Observation #4

2) I took the photo in lower manhattan near the financial district in October 2017

3) THEME: Mysterious

4) DESCRIPTION: The lighting in this photo causes a creepy and mysterious feeling. As for most of the photo it is extremely dark (which in itself is scary), but the main light comes from the window. It is mysterious becuase of how we can have no idea what’s in this room or who is inside it. The idea of the unknown is what makes many things mysterious. Becuase of how the lighting only shines in only the room creates this unsettling feeling of the unknown.

Light Observation #4

1) 2/18/18- 8:20pm- New York City (near Penn Station)

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: While walking past some buildings, there was a fairly large building with all glass windows in the front. Inside I could see this weird lobby that was empty except for one man at the end of this wide hallway next to some sort of desk. The top and bottom of these walls were lined with bright blue lights that appeared to be similar to neon lights. The color of the blue was very pure as if it wasn’t not mixed with any other color.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light appeared to be very ominous. It caused me to feel scared in some sort of way. The light was so bright and colorful compared the the street that it felt very haunting and demanding to me. The light pierced my eyes but I couldn’t stop looking at it becuase of it’s attention grabbing atmosphere. This moment was fairly creepy becuase not only was the building strange, but the lighting really added into the weirdness of the setting.

Light Observation #3

1) 2/15/18-2:42 pm- Unispan from North to South Side

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: While walking on the Unispan, most of the light coming in was from the sun from the windows on my right side. In this particular moment, the trees blocked a lot of the sun, causing a silhouette of tree branches made of shadows. At the end of the Unispan I could see an area of full light from the sun as well.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In this moment, the way the shadows created a lace like effect on the ground caused the simple Unispan to be more eye catching and joyful. This type of lighting was not something I normally saw in the Unispan, which caused this fun feeling. It was also a happy sight to see from the “light at the end of the tunnel” effect from the sun. I was literally walking towards the light, which created this lighthearted mood.

Photo Observation #3

2) The photographer is Isaac loyall. In Washington DC, this photo was taking in one of the metro stations.

3) THEME: Nightlife

4) DESCRIPTION: Whenever I think of nightlife, I think about cities. And how do you get around cities? A subway or metro train. In the photo, the light is only coming from seemingly under the metro train and dimly from inside the train. It gives off a sort of creepy feeling because of how mysterious the train looks. It is mysterious not only because there are no people, but the majority of the picture is dark and scary looking because of the lighting. Having the lighting be dark gives context clues about when one might be at this metro station. When I think about traveling in the city at night, I tend to imagine a dark and slightly creepy train station. The lighting in this photo gives off such feelings.