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Ligh Observation 3

2/15/17 1:00am Netherlands North

  1. There’s a light on my surge protector that tells me when its grounded. It kept blinking against my wall and it was insanely annoying because I was trying to sleep and it wouldn’t stop blinking.
  2. At first the light didn’t bother me but then it just kept blinking. It made me really angry. I wanted the light to stop blinking but i couldn’t do anything to stop it. It got on my last nerve. Eventually I just got too exhausted and fell asleep.


Photo Observation 3

I took this picture myself at Mineola when I went home last weekend.

Even though it was 6am when I took the picture, it reminded me of my favorite line from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “I’ve walked down 5th Avenue at 6 in the morning but as far as I’m concerned that’s still night!” It was still so dark and I’d been up for an hour already so I was particularly cranky and exhausted.

Photo Observation #2

I took this photo myself when I went into the city just before Christmas.

When I took this picture it wasn’t particularly cold outside, but the colors of the lights against the stone of the building gave me a sort of ominous, chilly feeling when I looked at it. It reminded me of an old palace, all stone and cold with no warmth at all.

Sunset Aesthetic

2. source: Emily Bausher’s roommate’s window

3. Sunrise/sunset

4. The sunset itself drew feelings reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting. The colors are two that are not typically seen together in artists’ works, but are visually compelling when seen in a sunset. The cumulonimbus clouds have the same aesthetic as the works of Monet and the impressionist era.


Light Observation 1

  1. 2/2/17 – 5:00pm – Netherlands Unispan (aka Nethiespan)
  2. The light in the unispan is a really creepy orange color. Its in what could be sets of 2 lights as you walk the length of it, with about 3 feet of darkness between each set of lights.
  3. As I was walking back to my dorm alone after dropping something off for my friend in the LHSC, I noticed how eerie the lighting in the Nethiespan is when there’s literally no one else with you. It was like I’d walked into a door in a horror movie that makes the audience scream at the TV and throw their popcorn. The farther I walked along the unispan, the more I found myself walking faster and faster away from something that I knew wasn’t actually there, but couldn’t seem to escape either.