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Lighting Description #2

Location: Emily Lowe 2nd Floor 8:50 am in our classroom.

In our classroom there was a lamp placed on the desk in the front left corner. The first two windows in the room have their blinds closed the following windows are pulled up to about three quarters. The lights are all off except the lamp and the projection of jelly fish. The light from the lamp is a warm yellow. The lamp lights up the top corner of the desk but creates a shadow on the floor immediately close to the desk. The light makes a 90 degree angel with the outside being light and the inside being a shadow. The walls are hit with much lower intensity than the desk and it washes over everything in the room. My skin is ever so slightly yellowed by the light.

The light creates a mysterious mood. It reminds me of a lone street lamp on a dark street. Or a light from stranger things. I think the light has a retro feel because the lamp is using bulbs from the the 70’s and 80’s. I can picture a room with this lone lamp in a movie about Aliens and the light would flicker as the Alien approaches the room.

Lighting Ob #8

  1. 3/16/2016, 2:29pm, Quad outside of Lowe
  2. Objective: The only light given out here is natural sunlight coming from directly above Emily Low hall.
  3. Subjective: The light gives the ultimate feeling of summer. The sun is shining very brightly yet there are shadows being cast by the bare trees that create a contrast in the light. Overall, the feel is extremely calming and serene.

Hofstra Snow – Tia


2) Photo Credit: Me

3) Theme: Cold

4) Description: This is a picture I took directly outside of Lowe. The trees had just collected the snow that had fallen and the sun was just starting to peek out. The light in the picture fades from gray on the outside to a brighter white in the middle. I associate this with the feeling of “cold” because of the sensory response to snow. Cold also seems to be associated with “bare” to me and while the snow is clean it also looks bare.

Light Observation #10

1)April 9, 2014 10:05 AM Emily Lowe Hall, room 201

2)The combination of the lights on in the room and the sunlight coming in from the windows made for a different environment than is usually found in room 201

3)In a room that is usually fairly dim, walking into this brightly lit room was an unexpected change. Not only were the fluorescent lights on, but the brilliant sunlight streaming in from the large windows was reflecting off of the white paint, making the room just that much brighter.