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The Eye of Peer Gynt

Surreal light diagram

Source: Me from April 8, 2016 at the New Academics Black Box Theater

Theme: Surreal

Description: This photo is the set from the premiere of Peer Gynt. In the center is an eye-shaped structure that has two spiraling staircases on each side. What this eye represented was the spiral that Peer Gynt’s life is as he both experiences being an outcast and interacting with trolls to being a successful businessman and aging. It goes into the personal infinity of Peer Gynt’s rebelliousness and ambition over personal connection.

Photo Observation: Night Life


This is a photo I took during a late night visit to the London Eye early last month.

Theme: Night Life

Description: The neon lights burst opulent with a red and blue glow. The vibrant reflections soaked into the ground like that of a permeable sponge. The trees excitedly come to life as if woken from a long hibernation. Their shadows dance along the guided pathway revealing red circular orbits that trace the slow but ever-moving rim of the iconic eye. The dark sky is flooded with tints of red, further embellishing the explosive luster. The surrounding terrain acts as a canvas providing a foundation and the perfect stage for the night life of London.