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Misty Fields Below Street Lights

  1. Location: February 23, 12:40 am at the soccer fields near Colonial Square West entrance.
  2. Objective: Street lights are surrounding the soccer field, lighting shine down upon the layer of mist. The entire field is lit up, but is unable to penetrate into the grass.
  3. Subjective: Since there is mist covering the grass, there is the question about what is underneath it. What is hidden under the fog of night? There is a eery feeling that something is hiding underneath, wanting to get out. The look of this field makes me believe that an undead underworld or limbo is leaking into the land of the living. All in all, this misty field is a haunting sight to see.

Lighting Observation #2

Thursday 9th of February, 6:00pm, inter-mural fields.

Bright white stadium lights only casting lights across one side of a snow covered field, creating a shadow from a snowman.

Pure white light shoots from the stadium lighting, causing the snow to glow against the darkness of the night. The sea of white is only interrupted by a stretched and distorted shadow of a snowman, as if trying to escape the light but tethered to its spot.