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Light Observation #1

1) 2/2/18 Р6:00 PM in my dorm room

2) It is completely dark in my room except for my white and blue fish tank lights. I have two tanks that sit on a tall shelf at the end of my bed. At this time, the top tank is set on the blue setting while the one underneath is set on a white/blue mix. I sit leaning against my wall, therefore the tanks are on my right.

3) As I closed my laptop from doing homework, the beautiful shine of the LED lights of the tanks gave me a sense of happiness. Because I had finished most of my homework for the day, it was very uplifting to see the only light in the room to be the source of my little fishies. The light was fairly bright, however not at all as abrasive as my laptop screen had been like just before. It was a hopeful sight to see after working on homework and projects.

photo observation

Photo by: me!


This picture was taken while on our boat at our vacation spot at Lake Champlain in Vermont. My extended family has been taking this trip every summer since my great grandparents found the spot about 60 or 70 years ago. My family, aunts, uncles, and cousins still meet at the same spot on this lake and spend two weeks fishing, swimming, boating, and hanging out. This picture puts me in a place and gives me a feeling I can only get on our boat in this lake. It is a feeling of total freedom and exhilaration.

Photo observation


I chose this photo for nightlife because when I think about nightlife i feel like the events are more important than the surroundings. In movies and TV shows the focus is on the events and the surroundings are blurred and not distinct. I picked this picture because the light is the yellow of a streetlight and the camera has a fisheye lens so it isn’t natural. The lights on the buildings are very bright but not individually distinguishable.