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Lighting Observation #9

1. March 31st 2014, at around 8 on my block.

2. The lampposts on my block. One in particular: A flickering light post. They had an orange and yellow glow around a dark area.

3. On Old Post Drive, you can walk down the block in a beautifully illuminated area. Each step you take is lit up by towering light posts that cast pale shades of orange. They leave very faint circles of light on the floor so late night joggers can see in the dark night sky. One area of my block wasn’t bright as the rest of it. A flickering lamppost kept casting rays of light that lasted for seconds. When the light was on, the sidewalk was lit to perfection with faint glows of orange. When the lamppost was off, part of the block was lost in darkness.

Light Observation #1

1. 1/31/13, 3:00pm, Art History Classroom in Breslin


2. Flicker from small overhead recessed lights that need to be replaced, glow from presentation screen


3. The recessed lighting comes from the center of the classroom, and with the dark edges of the room and the flicker of a bulb that needs to be replaced, the room has a very ominous feel, almost like a horror movie. The screen creates a stark glow when compared to the light from the softer recessed bulbs, and the brightness is uncomfortable in contrast. Between the glow and the flickering, although the room is full of people, it feels empty, and cold, sort of like a movie is playing in an empty theatre. It’s creepy, and I hope someone replaces this bulb before the next class.