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Photo Observation #6

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Theme: Happy

This photo makes me think of happiness because flowers bring that to many people. This flower in particular just looks like its a happy flower. Its blooming and reaching for the outdoors. The natural light in this photo really brings out the color of the flower and I really like that. It also allows all of the focus to be on the flower and doesn’t distract from that.

Single Light Source

DSC_0135Photo by Peter Charney

To me this accurately represents a single light source because as far as I can tell, there is only a single light hitting the flower from the top, and a little bit behind it. I love the way the single light creates these deep shadows within the flower. It’s interesting that the middle part with the stems (whatever it’s called) is usually the part of the flower most in focus with photography, but in this image it’s completely in silhouette. I love the deep purples and blacks and how it blends into the white from the light.

Light Observation

It was Tuesday afternoon and I was walking to class. It was a grey, cloudy sort of day, where all the colors seemed muted somehow, except one plant covered in bright majenta flowers.

It had been cloudy all week, and the week was only two days long so far. The light seemed to turn everything a little bit grayer than usual as though the world was covered in a layer of soot. The entire world looked dull, tired. But as I was walking I saw a bush covered in magenta flowers, and for some reason, the clouds hadn’t coated them in soot. The color was as bright as on sunny day, and seemed all the brighter for the dreary backdrop. I couldn’t help but smile. The color of these flowers must have been just the right hue to catch and reflect the light that made it through the clouds. One beautiful thing on a dreary day.

Photo Observation

This is a photo that I took late last spring, by the snake river in Idaho.

This photo to me represents the heart of spring, beautiful things growing and blooming when it barely seems possible. I was struck by the way this beautiful orange flower grew out of solid rock where only dry brown grass seemed to find a purchase for their roots.

Photo Observation 8



3) Spring

4) This is a photo of a flower because flowers always remind me of spring. The blue petals and the yellow inner section of the flower makes me feel like a breath of new life is coming. The water droplets on the petals give me a sense of liveliness. Spring time is a time of happiness and joyous times and this flower reminds me of just that.  the way the sun reflects off of the droplets makes me feel happier inside because there is a sense of brightness to nature