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Photo Observation

Photo taken by me


The harsh sunlight brightly washes over the scene.  The colors of the flowers stand bright with the fun reflections of the pin reminding me of the place I always go in the summer.  A mini golfing place right down the street to me has the same wooden boundaries with brightly colored flowers and little metallic pinwheels.  There’s something really fun about the pinwheel, it’s a cheesy addition to the beauty of nature right next to it.

Photo Observation 4

1. Amsterdam Flowers


2) Photo taken by Kelley Malloy on 4/21/12

3) THEME: Happy

4) DESCRIPTION: Gardens always seem like such happy places to me, the bright colors of the flowers are immediately cheerful. In this particular garden, I love how the light manages to create shadow and dimension without feeling ominous. Instead of feeling dark and mysterious, the shadow and light makes the garden seem like it extends eternally, and you could happily skip through the flowers forever without reaching the end.

Light Observation

I was having breakfast with a friend after class and we were sitting in the quad by Roosevelt Hall, under a tree with bright pink flowers.

As I was sitting and laughing with my friend I looked up at the branches above me, bright pink petals against an azure blue backdrop. Just then the breeze began to blow and petals began to fall and scatter themselves all around us. As fluttered in the wind, the light caught them from behind, making them glow as they dances to the ground. With the light shining through them, and the wind making them twirl in the air, it was easy to imagine that some kind of magic had caught hold of them and they were dancing at the joy of spring.

Photo Observation!


THEME: Spring!

One of the biggest signs of spring for me is the smells. Washington is covered with floral life, flowers and trees and greenery, oh my! So when spring rolls around there is an abundance of fragrances from the various flowers in the area. Spring also brings with it Seattle’s ever-present precipitation, but this time it’s floral-scented. This picture really captures spring for me, with flowering trees and last night’s rain visible on the street and all of the bright, warm, saturated colors. Everything is overexposed and radiant, from the sky to the sunlight reflected in the damp of the concrete, as well as what caught the orange bug the night before. Everything is gleaming and brilliant and renewed – just like spring.

Photo Observation #2

2) Photo By Nic Christopher. Taken 22 March 2010 at 5:30 PM in Vancouver, Canada.

3) THEME: Cold

4) DESCRIPTION: I usually find pictures and paintings of flowers and plants to have a warming and happy feeling to them however not in this image. Vancouver is a very wet and rainy place. In the spring the normal weather one would find would be clouds and rain. The lighting becomes very flat and gray. I found these flowers growing just off the beach in town and thought it was a very pretty image. When I uploaded the picture to my computer I noticed that the lighting had influenced the saturation of the greens and purples in the flowerbed to become muted and less brilliant. The very tip of the purple flower is very vibrant however it is the lighting that falls on the background that creates a colder feeling to me. The greens seem to reflect the gray tones of the sky and the rain that had fallen earlier that day. What really speaks to me in this image is the fact that such a vibrant picture has been altered by flat gray lighting to make the entire image feel cold rather than warm and spring like.