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Light Observation #5

  1. Walking past Colonial Square looking towards the towers at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, February 28
  2. It was nighttime and there was a great deal of fog, so you couldn’t see the towers at all. You could only see the lampposts and outdoor lighting and the vague glow of windows from lit up rooms in the towers.
  3. In the dark sea of fog, each of the lampposts created an orb of color, some orange, some yellow, some white, some blue. They were a show of strength against the cold mist that clouded over all the buildings and cars, leaving only the faint suggestion that there was life underneath the big, ominous purple sky.

Photo Observation

  1. Solo Hiking, Going It Alone
  2. Mysterious
  3.  The photo has dim lighting and the moon isn’t shown in the picture so I thought that was kind of curious and mysterious. I always associate mystery with curiosity and eeriness. The picture is just lit enough to create a reflection of the trees off the water and the fog makes it so that you can’t see where the land stops and the water begins which I think is mysterious.

Mystery Mist

  1. I took this photo from my dorm window at 8 AM 2/23/17
  2. Mysterious
  3. It is a very dreary morning. The approaching warm weather has caused an eery mist to hang over Oak Street. The sun is not able to shine through the clouds. Mist always reminds me of the 2007 film The Mist based on the Stephen King novella. It’s not hard to imagine what kind of monsters could be lurking in a heavy fog. The real mystery is why I woke up on my own accord two hours early.

Photo Observation #4

2. Found at:

3. Mysterious

4. When I think of mysterious I tend to think of things that are darker with shadows and trees. I like this picture for those reasons. Its not quite symmetrical which makes my brain confused which adds to the mysteriousness of the picture. I also like how it takes a minute of looking to realize that there are signs and a light on the street. You can’t really see where the trees end or where the road goes which also helps lend itself to the mysteriousness.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit: Arash Khames on Flickr

Theme: Creepy

Description: This is the kind of forest from a horror movie, or a video game, or a nightmare. Take your pick, honestly. Although natural light is the only light present, it is masked by the thick fog permeating the forest. The fog pollutes the sun, which is normally a good thing, and turns it into something scary and unwelcoming. The way the silhouette trees fade into the background is quite creepy. There are no distinguishing landmarks, and something could jump out from the shadows at any time. It’s not a place I’d want to be at night – or during the day.



I wasn’t sure how to do the diagram for this post so I did it from the photographer’s point of view.

Light Observation 4

  1. Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 – Constitution Hall
  2. After days of snow and one day of rain, the sun is setting on the fog-shrouded trees of campus, and what would normally be a not-very-vibrant winter sunset is instead bright and colorful.
  3. As though it were verification that though global warming might kill us all, but at least we’ll still have a few pretty things, the sun refracted through the water left in the air after rain melted the snow from yet another blizzard days before, casting rays of light and hope through the fog rising from among the trees.

Lighting Ob #4

  1. 2/16/2016, 12:37 am, Academic Side of Campus Quad
  2. Objective: Campus lamps lighting the south side of campus through the fog
  3. Subjective: The fog was not too thick so you could still see the lights, but they appeared to be covered by the thin layer of fog. It created an eery feel on the campus but also an intriguing one. Even though it appeared as a place you would want to leave you also wanted to stay and witness the beauty that came with it.

Photo Observation 5



Lack of visibility is something that really scares me. The fog in this picture detracts from the visibility, and the swirling of the abandoned roller coaster makes me feel dizzy and uncomfortable. I also feel like the color in this photo is so washed out and monochromatic that it makes everything disorienting and spooky.


Don’t go in alone…


Found at

Night in the forest, fog and an off green light in the distance=spooky. Reminiscent of a alien invasion scene in a movie, something from X-Files or American Gothic it just says don’t go in here alone if at all. The light silhouettes the foreground and sweeps across the landscape highlighting a thick fog. Usually light helps illuminate, but here it serves to remind us how much we really can’t see and in these woods what we can’t see will…?

Light Observation #7

1. Tuesday, March 11, 2014: 8 am

2. I woke up (rather late, unfortunately) and didn’t think it could be the time it was because it was rather dim outside.

3. I looked out the windows and just felt exhausted. Not because I hadn’t slept, but because the overcast heavy sky just felt sleepy. The clouds muted the world around them and everything felt heavy. It was almost unsettling, the claustrophobic feeling that came across me with this heavy, bright but not bright, dark but not dark feeling. It was strange – just not right. I kept waiting for the sun to shine through or something so that the world wouldn’t seem so shut off and desolate.