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Photo Observation 4

I took this photo myself on the way back to campus as my dad and I were crossing the Verrazano-Narrows bridge. It felt very mysterious to me because of the fact that the road seems to have no end because of the fog, and you can barely see the top of the bridge. This was the first time it was ever this foggy, so it gave me a really uneasy feeling until we made it to the other side of the bridge.

Lighting Observation 1

DATE- Summer 2015  TIME- Around 7 or 8 pm  LOCATION- Lakeside Park

Objective Description: The sun is on it’s way down yet is still very much high in the sky. Although the sun isn’t visible in the photo, the light is visible by the reflection from the water.

Subjective Description: It was a warm summer evening as the lifeguard oversaw everyone leaving the lake while the park was beginning to close. Just as I prepped my phone to snap the pic, a large gust of wind sends the sand blowing everywhere. And there’s just something about an abrupt change of circumstances that I appreciate a lot about this photo. From the silhouettes of the children playing to the fog-like nature of the sand that encompasses the essence of summer.

Light Observation #2

1. 6:50 AM, February 2nd 2014. 9th floor, Alliance Hall.

2. The dense fog outside the window and the lights of the buildings and parking lot.

3. As I opened the window blinds in my dorm room, I saw nothing but the cold mist filling the morning air and blocking the view. The window that gave me a great view of the sunset the day before has suddenly become a magic mirror with the ominous gradation of color changing from pink and purple to blue and white. I could see the faint warm lights of the buildings outside floating like spirits and fairies. The mysterious sight reminded me of the Stephen King horror film, The Mist, and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Feeling a little frightened, I closed the blinds again.

Light Observation Devin Gee

1)   3/22/11- about 1:30 am- walking between the student center and enterprise hall.

2)   The night was foggy and the street lamps were on.  They shined into the sky and lit up and area larger than normal.

3)   This moment was interesting because the fog allowed you to visually see the direction the light travels in.  Usually when you see a streetlight on a clear night for the most part all you see lit up is the ground and area underneath the light.  In this particular moment you could see the sky lit up above the street light and there was a sort of orb of light all around the street lamp.  This light was very spooky and was both white and yellow because of the different street lamps.  The light as it shined though the fog was very ominous and something you would expect to see in a haunted house during Halloween.  Though the yellow light was vaguely similar to an early sunrise, the spooky feel to it mostly overpowered that similarity.  This lighting seemed very dramatic to me just because we use this kind of lighting in theatre a lot and with the hazer like in War of the Roses it resembled the fog and everything perfectly.