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Lighting Observation #6

  1. Student Center back dining room, 3/9/17 in the evening
  2. I was eating lunch with a bunch of my friends and there was a strip of sunlight on my friend’s face.
  3. After having a really rough day on Thursday, this one ray of sunlight on my friend seemed like the light at the end of a tunnel. It was really relaxing and overall just made me feel a lot better about the type of day I was having.

Light Observation

  1. 3/7/2017, 12:45 PM Hofstra’s Starbucks
  2. The overhead lights seemed dimmer than usual, the lights in the display case were bright.
  3. I’ve gone to Hofstra’s Starbucks quite often, but I happened to appreciate the lights of the display case a little bit more than usual.  The lights above were dull in comparison to the intense glow in the case highlighting the treats inside.  Each dessert and leftover breakfast snack had its own powerful spotlight to be presented in.  Each item was given importance by the bright overhead light.

Photo Observation


2) I found this photo at this site,r:15,s:184

3) Single Light Source

4) This photo of an apple shows how beautiful food can become shown from a single light source. With the water droplets on top of the apple, the piece of fruit looks even more appetizing. The hot spot of the light is reflected off the surface of the apple showing the different colors of this beautiful food.