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Living Lights in Content

  1. Location: Sensor Garden, February 9, 2017 at 12:50 p.m.
  2. Objective: At the fountain, the light reflects off of the pool of water. Underneath, shimmering orange-gold and black and white spotted light form koi fishes. Making up the floor of the koi fishes’ home are dark leaves spread across the floor.
  3. Subjective: The light shining onto the water and koi fish represents the happiness and content of life. Despite living in a fountain with a floor of leaves, the fish continue to swim and shimmer the light above. This fulfillment makes me happy for the fish and the simplicity of animals.

Lighting Observation 2: Radio City

Date: 1/31/16

Time: 6:12 pm

Location: Radio City Music Hall

Objective Description: Driving into the city, various lights can be seen through the car window. Headlights, taillights, street lamps, traffic lights, bicycle lights, marquee lights, billboard lights, and store display lights all seem to flood any and every section of the city. However, once we approached Radio City Music Hall, the bright glow of the Christmas lights covering the trees next to the magnificently lit water fountain held my attention. We first passed by the same exact type of tree covered in red which gave me a really uneasy feeling. Then, however, we reached the the section of trees with the traditional white lights and the effect was more calming. The source of light was simply the Christmas stringlights and the lit water fountain.


Subjective: The massive concrete buildings reaching into the dark nigh sky glowed warm with an inviting white tint. The soft beams bouncing off of the pavement revealed a welcoming glimmer from the amiable stings of white lights hugging the trunks and branches of each proud tree. A collection of trees dressed eloquently as if a masquerade was to prompt each tree to dance. Extreme joy and excitement filled the air as the glamorous glow from each individual adorned with the sparkling strings of light gently greeted each guest. Flashes could be seen by spectators anxious to take pictures with the famous trees. A pool of light blue, shimmering water danced triumphantly as fountains of white light  and foaming blues took center-stage, adjacent to its charismatic friends. The party of the century.