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Photo Observation

Photographer: Melissa Fague

Single subject, single source

The front light put on the same plane as the dog in this photograph creates drama.  The focus on the dog in this lighting gives it a serious feeling, the dog seems to emerge out of the background as if pulled out of the darkness behind.  This portrait effect is developed through the placement of the light and the centering of focus on the dog.

Lighting Observation #7

1.) Thursday Feb. 24th 2011, 1:00 P.M. Spiegel Theater.

2.) Two classmates doing a scene with one single overhead light.

3.) During their scene in Styles class today, Lauryn and Kristin had to turn the lights off, and Royston had a classmate turn off all but one light from backstage. The one light remaining was stage left of center but still facing directly upstage, so it created plenty of shadowy space onstage. Watching the two actresses navigating between the bright white light and the darkness, there was an overall feeling of coldness and suspense, and it looked like the emotional effect was just as strong for the actors: it pumped up the emotional stakes of the scene. Even with a the whole house plot available, it may be the best way to light the scene in that space. It was a disquieting lighting effect that helped an already disturbing scene.