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Light Observation 2

  1. The Paramount theatre, Huntington, NY on Wednesday Feb. 4th 2017
  2. DNCE’s set was all white and only white light was used to light the stage until the band entered. Once they entered, only colored light was used.
  3. I was exhausted after standing for hours waiting for this band; the white light wasn’t helping at all. But once the band members came onstage, the theatre filled with color and I felt such a sense of joy and happiness. I felt a renewed sense of energy and I ended up enjoying the concert immensely.

Lighting Observation #12: A Tree’s Bark in the Sunlight

4/25/16-10:23am-Outside the Spiegel Theater

The sunlight warmly hits the bright green leaves of this tree that looks sort of like a weeping willow but has branches hanging down with bright green spade-shaped leaves. The shadow cast on its bark reflects the spade-like shape of the leaves and only some direct sunlight comes through in varying amounts to hit the bark. Thus, the bark is illuminated with different intensities of sunlight.

The light colors the bark of the tree and accents the lines of the bark. The bark looks like it might just erupt into circular-like shapes like the shadows that gently fall onto it from the branches above. The movement of the shadows with the gentle swaying of the breeze create a dream-like feeling. The tree bark shimmers like psychedelic orbs that make the tree glow with different shades as the light and shadow change how intense the light is on the bark constantly. As the shadow and sunlight move, there is green, teal, brown, gold, grey, amber, and silver on the bark. The whiteness of the light of the sun has the greenness of the leaves and the shades of the nearby plants reflect onto the bark allowing for this rainbow. It is a creative light with its colors and intensities. Every leaf looks more like a heart than a spade with the shadow that is created by the sunlight hitting it. The lighting is artistic, it is natural, it is soft, and it is dynamic. The overall feeling of the light is one of confusion, fun, and bedazzlement. It changes between these naturalistic colors and is constantly moving like the light cannot make up its mind how to shine on the tree, but it is also fun with the varying spots of intensities and colors reflected back. This movement and change in the amount of light hitting the bark is bedazzling like a disco ball in the night. It is fun though; It’s fun in the confusion and in dazzling qualities.

Photo Observation 5



3) THEME: Fun

4) DESCRIPTION:The lighting of this photo lends itself to a fun mood because the roughness of the skyscrapers has been taken away and they are bathed in almost like pastels, the edges being far less stark and more blurred, being forced into the background of this photo. The lights in the foreground give off somewhat gentle amber light instead of harsh white, and though the energy of the photo is not wild, or crazy, I get the idea of “fun” because in so gentle a setting things would not be taken so seriously, it would be hard to imagine the typical no-nonsense hustle and bustle of New York City is going on in, say, the unseen area below this photo, instead it makes more sense (though it is completely unrealistic) to imagine something fun, like a fair or carnival, going on below these lights.


Photo Observation


Photo Credit: Me!

Theme: Fun

Description: This photograph was taken at the Met when I went to see an opera on Wednesday. This creative chandelier immediately captured my attention. In addition to this chandelier, there were several smaller ones like it inside the theater. It’s much more fun-looking than a traditional chandelier because it looks like big, shiny snowflakes instead of just an elaborate glass lamp. It also reminded me of winter, which is a season that is always fun and enjoyable for me because it means spending time with family.  And let’s be real, there’s really nothing more fun than snowballs made of incandescent glitter.

Photo Observation 5

Coney  Island

From: Online

Theme: Fun

Description: For me, Coney Island always resembled fun to me. A quick half hour drive, or 10 stops on the Q train and you’re at the wonderland that is Luna Park. Night is always a great time to experience anything in the city and so with that I love how as soon as you get off the train, in the distance you’ll be able to see a shower of bright neon lights of various colors shine through the night sky. Also, the events that they have during holidays where the beach is laid with fireworks for those to gather on the boardwalk to see a festival of different explosions fading away into different color combinations is a sight to behold.

Photo Observation 5


Photo taken by me, in Brooklyn on September 15th 2015

Theme: FUN!

Well, my ride is here… This is the fanciest, most fun garbage truck I have ever seen. I saw it while walking to get dinner with one of my friends in the city and stopped because I thought it was a really badass ice cream truck, turns out it was just a garbage truck customized with colorful lights.

Photo Observation



Theme: Fun!!

This picture screams fun to me because of the array of colors that are shown. The different colors create an atmosphere of happiness and christmas time, which i think is fun. The different colors are pleasing to the eye because there is not one missing. You cant help but look at all the colors and feel happy! (so corny)

Summer Days (P5)


Photo by Mahmoud Hiepo. Direct link here. Flickr page link here.


A drop of sweat beads full and trickles down the back of your neck as you lay sprawled out on the lush summer grass, gulping down ice cold water in between heaving breaths as you come down from your giggle fit. The bright beams of the late afternoon summer sun twinkle down upon the scene of your fun-filled summer day. As the sun hits the slide, the reflection illuminates the wide, giddy grins stretching across your best friend’s and your blotchy, flushed faces. You notice the light reflecting oddly onto the side of a house, beyond a line of saplings at the edge of the park – it looks like water. You turn a wicked grin towards your best friend, and seeing a similar mischievous sparkle in their eyes, you set off running across the grass, ripping your clothes off as quick as you can, yelling, “Last one in walks home without shoes!”

Photo Observation 5


Photo Credit:

Theme: fun

Description: This photo immediately made me think of “fun” because of all the bright colors. The lights reflecting off of the water is really what stood out to me because the shapes of the light are accentuated and seem brighter than the actual lights. Also the contrast between the glowing, colorful shore and the dull, grey city buildings emphasizes the fun atmosphere of the water’s edge. When I think of fun, I think of parties. This photo looks like a lively celebration while the rest of the city looks boring and depressing. Also the rays of light coming from behind the trees looks like something amazing is about to happen and like it is calling everyone else to come and join the fun.

Photo Observation: Fun


I took this photo at the Old Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Theme: Fun

Description: Lights beaming from every direction, this luminous strip brings life to an entirely new spectrum. Reds, oranges, yellows, purples, blues and greens all combine to form a technicolor dream of displays. The bright colors and fluid projections send an uncontrollable wave of excitement and curiosity through the thick, warm air. Only the colorful blasts, however, can penetrate the dry heat from a boiling day. Stimulating colors brighten the night sky and awaken any tired eyes that remain.