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Photo Observation #12 – Funny Feelings

Theme: #allofthefeelings

This picture, to me, exhibits all of the feelings. Just from this picture I can get emotions like happiness, sadness, and even maturity. The young puppy is here to replace the older puppy. The young puppy is full of energy and can bring anyone peace, happiness, or success. The cuteness can be felt from the picture. Many pictures of funny animals can be seen as true a picture of a puppy or grown dog. These puppies contain all of the feelings. What may bring love and warmth to one person, may be seen as hyper and dangerous to another. The innocent colors, makes the puppy seem helpless. The natural lighting really reminds me that they are outside, apart of nature. The colors of Spring fill the background telling us the time period, weather, and feelings that go along with this picture. These feelings are funny.

Beja Photo Observation

What, Where: two sided light bulb,

Theme: Funny

Description: This picture portrays humor due to it change from reality. At first it appears the light is resting unplugged, but it is magically lit. this amusing lighting makes a mystical lighting effect onto the notepad


Photo Observation #8

Lava Lamp Night Light

Courtesy of (


This is a picture of an actual night-light available online. Not only is the image itself funny, but the light itself has a funny kind of parodic feel to it. It seems like a mockery of the kind of epic lighting effects you’d see in sci-fi, with the pinkish rays splayed across the wall (just imagine the “Also sprach Zarathustra” theme from 2001). It goes beyond showing the product in action, and tries to fit the sense of humor of the type of person who would invest in it. I have a  joking, jovial kind of feeling seeing real lighting this silly. It makes me think that a lava lamp would make an awesome practical lighting effect onstage. I may buy one of these.

Funny Lighting


2) from this persons tumblr. Couldnt find their name.

3) Funny Lighting

4) These are the lights from a small Indian restaurant in the city. There are these crazy lights covering every inch of the ceiling and walls. The strings of lights are mostly chili peppers but there’s also cats, hot air balloons, Christmas ornaments, beach balls, among other ridiculous things. It’s funny how there is just an overwhelming amount of lights and strange objects. There are colors coming from everywhere and they’re reflecting and bouncing off everything.



Photo Observation: Funny


Theme:  Funny

Description:  I found this picture funny not only because of the silly face the child is making, but mostly because of her hair.  The way the light is behind her all of the hairs on her head look like they’re glowing and electric.  The bright light on the blonde hair gives this picture a very amusing effect.  The hairs remind me of a sea anemone, which is funny because this child is clearly not a sea creature.

Photo Observation 9

1.) Denis Smith Photography, found on Flikr

2.) Funny

3.) I feel like this photo fits the “funny” theme for a couple reasons, the first of which is that when I think of “funny” or comic lighting I think of bright, vibrant color which this certainly is. The main reason I picked this however, is because this pink ball of light has its own personality; I look at it and it’s like a cute but toughy girl walking down the street going home from the club late at night. She tough and confident enough to walk down this alley fearlessly and I think she’s respected for that. Also, the light glows pink on graffitied wall which brings this interesting and kind of funny element to the photo as a whole.


I couldn’t resist I HAD to include this one hehehe.

Photo Observation

Image found on, un-attributed

3) THEME: Funny

4) DESCRIPTION: The lighting in this image is cast up against the snowman’s face. This creates a very foreboding look, similar to that used in horror films. This is funny because a snowman is not an innately scary thing. The clash between the not scary snowman, and the horror film lighting, is humorous.