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Palazzo da Mula At Venice


Palazzo da Mula at Venice by Claude Monet (1908)

Photo of painting found on wikiart here.

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The warm yellows, ambers, and just the slightest touch of pinks gently illuminate the palazzo from hardly any vertical angle, while angled steeply to the left horizontally. Although much of this painting is in cool blues and greens, the lighter greys and warm colors rendering the light have such a light, delicate, and quite gentle touch – serenely reflecting itself on the water in the foreground. This feels like early morning, maybe just prior to dawn. It feels somewhat melancholy, but overall contemplative and mostly simply content. These more peaceful and serene feelings tend to tag along somehow with something that is gentle, or gently depicting a particular scene. I ended up looking through quite a lot of impressionist paintings actually, as it felt like every photo I found depicted a subject that was gentle rather than presenting gentle lighting.


Photo Observation: Gentle


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.12.19 PM

Theme: Gentle

Description: This is an image of a woman standing by a window in the early morning absorbing the light of the early day. It is an example of  gentle light because the light coming through the window is  warm, but not blindingly bright. As the woman in the photo is slowly getting ready for the day ahead of her so is the sun in the distance.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit:

Theme: Gentle

Description: The only light in the room comes from a stuffed animal turtle projector, which shines softly on the boy as he sleeps. The light makes the boy look very peaceful. The fact that the light comes from a stuffed animal rather than a nightlight plugged into the wall makes the light much more gentle, as stuffed animals generally have connotations of being comforting. The projected stars add to the effect, as they are less harsh than a beam from a typical nightlight. In addition, the light coming from the turtle is shades of blue, which is a calming and relaxing color. All of these elements make this the perfect gentle lighting for going to sleep.

light diagram

Photo Observation 9


I took this photo

Theme: gentle

Description: A single warm yellow/amber light shines in a seemingly all dark room.  The warm light spans outwards and seamlessly dissipates into the darkness.  The warmth (both physically and metaphorically) coming from the light seems to welcome us in and show an area of solace from the darkness that surrounds. The light is gentle, warm and welcoming.

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Photo Observation #9: Gentle Sunlight and Gentle Shadows on a Shelf


I took this photo.

The theme is gentle.

This photo’s light falls into this theme since the lighting is not harsh and glaring. It does not hide the details of the photo’s subjects with huge splotches of light but rather has a gentle light that is fairly even in its beam-spread. The lighting is soft with a dim feeling or low intensity. This lighting is gentle just like how a soft whisper might be seen as gentle in terms of sound. It catches the details and illuminates them with a surrounding glow. The lighting is friendly with its distribution of being about the subjects. It is like a gentle hug one might give at a funeral. Even the shadows are faint and soft in this gentle light.
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Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.31.50 PM gentle


Photo Cred:

Theme: Gentle

Description: This photo gives off a gentle feel because of the serenity that I get from it. The sunlight is warm and calm like that of a sunset over the lake. It also has a nice reflection off the water that reminds me of summer nights spent with friends and family. Also, the feather itself is a gentle object and it aids the message of the photo by floating on top of the water.

Photo Observation: 4/8


This is a picture I took at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

Theme: Gentle

Description: The soft tones of the water colored sky envelope the sands and gentle-moving waves with a blanket of warmth. The distant puffed clouds of white become colored with a hue of pink as the setting sun reflects effortlessly off of the deep, blue sea. The sky is calm, void of rapid movements and impending storms, the clouds are dispersing to their caverns of sleep. The ocean, exhausted from showing off its tall, strong waves reaches goodbye to the sinking sand as the soft-foaming edges sing the seagulls to sleep. An ombré of darkness from top to bottom, the moon makes her promised cameo as the sleep-deprived sun takes its curtain call for the night. All is at peace.