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light observation

  1. Thursday April 6, in the NAB during focus
  2. a ghost light nearly blinding me but in a really lovely way.
  3. I was finally on the deck level of the nab after 2 drama 5 labs on the grid. The ghost light was down center between me an where I needed to look. I was looking over the Ghost light when a light was turned on in the wing. It was like the light in the wing was pointing at the ghost light, highlighting it’s sturdy shape and the culture it represents.

Photo Observation Week #6: Powerful


2) This picture was taken by flickr user cara75 on May 26, 2006 at the Paramount Theater.

3) Theme: Powerful

4) In a previous light observation post, I talked about the ghost light in the Adams Playhouse, and how strikingly powerful this seemingly small light source could be. The ghost light in this picture completely overwhelms the space. The way the light is dispersed around the bulb gives you an impression that it’s too powerful to even look at, having no real defined shape, and blurred edges. What creates the most powerful look is the way the light casts shadows onto the curtain; the long, dark shadows contrast with the bright red, further expanding on the sense that this small lamp is conquering a huge, solid darkness.

Light Observation #3

1) 2/11/13, 6:45pm, John Cranford Adams Playhouse.


2) Walking into the wings of the Playhouse, which was lit only by wing work lights and a ghost light center stage.


3) Looking out into the playhouse from the stage always feels powerful. With the light concentrated into a central spot, the feeling is even more majestic. When you look at the ghost light from the side of the stage, at least with my glasses on, you see a tiny white spot overpowering everything else in the room. Looking out into the playhouse, you see everything cast in calm greys, shadows darkened on top, as the light is from below. What is on the stage is so small, but so powerful that you can see every part of the theatre. Although the light is not as powerful when it reaches the farthest walls, that contrast makes the ghost light itself even more majestic and proud.