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Lighting Observation #10

  1. April 12, 2018  – 11:50pm – Estabrook Hall
  2. I am laying in bed looking at my wall. The small lights hanging are wrapped around gold leaves. This is the only source of light in my room. The light is a light tan color.
  3. These lights provide a tranquil mood in my room. The light makes the gold leaves look as if they themselves are glowing. It reminds me of a rich decorated palace where the mood would be tranquil and there would be gold everywhere.

Model Commercial – Tia



Photo Cred:

Theme: Advertisment Model/ Desire

Description: The light in this photo is coming directly from the back through the door that the model is standing in front of. This causes her to look as if she is glowing when combined with the yellow/gold/amber tones that are coming from the other lights or being reflected off of the many jewels and chandeliers in the room. It really is the main light in the back that gives the photo it’s essence. Without it the whole photo would seem dull.


Lighting Observation – #7

1. October 23rd at 6:30 at Hauppauge High School’s football field

2. Bight colorful explosions in a pitch black sky.

3. Every year, I attend the homecoming game at my old high school. At the close of the game the sky is illuminated with the most spectacular fireworks display you will ever see. The dark sky explodes into a mural of bright, stunning colors. Vibrant whites, exploding reds, lavish golds, and deep blues stream across the sky and paint the darkness with vivacious hues. The alluring display dazzles me and revives my sense of Hauppauge pride. It is these lively pyrotechnics that will always draw me back to every homecoming game at Hauppauge High School.


Lighting Observation #6 – Christmas Tree

1. 12/11/13 at around 7:00 p.m. in my living room.

2. A tall green evergreen tree with multi-colored lights, ribbons, ornaments and a star on top.

3. The highlight of the Christmas season is when I see my family’s beautiful Christmas tree shining for the first time. The tree is always covered with twinkling rope lights. The tree sparkles with colors varying from reds, yellows, greens, violets, golds, silvers, and pinks. These colors reflected off the glimmering silver tinsel which is wrapped around the lush branches. The ornaments dangle and complement the vibrant colors of the blinking lights. The star atop the tree is really a sight to see. It glows a wonderful shining gold that truly encompasses the natural beauty of the tree.

Lighting Observation 3

1) 8:27 AM, 2/10/14, outside Liberty/Repulic Halls

2) Snow falling from a tree in front of a newly risen morning sun.

3) As a cool breeze blew through the air, the branches of the tree shook. From the crisp green pine leaves fell the dusty powder of a new snow. From behind, the bright, fresh rays of a new sun hit the snow, making the snowflakes look like shiny crystals falling through the air. The yellow rays reflected off of the snow around it, giving a golden shine to the buildings and cars in the background. The whole scene was surreal.  This is the beauty of winter.


Light Observation!

8 February, 2012
South Campus, outside Lowe
Around  7:30 pm

I’m walking north just before the ramp to Lowe. Gold light of the mid-setting sun covers the south side of one of the trees outside the building.

I’ve come to realize that I spend a lot of time looking at, speaking and thinking about trees – and I think I’m okay with that. The settings changed drastically for me when I moved coasts for school, and one of the most noticeable differences (besides the flatness of Long Island) was the trees. There aren’t nearly as many evergreens here as there are at home, just as there aren’t many non-evergreens at home like there are here. So naturally, I notice trees quite a bit. This particular instance really struck me because it was in the middle of the sunset, which is something I typically associate with the beach, if only because of how many I witnessed on the Puget Sound. What hit me most was the pure gold of the sunlight, and how that was visible even in the murky brown of the bark. It was also pretty contrasting, as the natural grooves and pockets in the bark were cast in shadows, giving them even more dimension with dark on one side and gold on the other. The tree was tall and scraggly and devoid of leaves, which in my mind collided with the gold of the sunset in a way that spring and winter really don’t. There’s usually more of a natural fade from one to the other – maybe with some freak snow storms every so often – but seeing these two examples of seasons so drastically converge startled me to an extent. You never really think of the seasons as being separate, rather cyclical, but at their heights they can be severely different.

Light Observation!

27 February, 2012
South Campus, near the library
Around  7:15 am

I’m walking to my room early in the morning, after the sun has risen and lit the campus with morning light. As I’m heading towards the library from the western side of south campus, I have a perfect view of the tower that is the Axinn Library. The early morning light hits the western face of the building, turning it gold.

Coupled with the stark blue of the morning sky with no clouds to be seen, it made for an easy representation of Hofstra Pride. After having pulled an all-nighter, it was kind of like a little boost of encouragement from the architecture, the bones of the school itself. Yes, it’s worth the time and effort, if only so you can share in the unifying little moments of pride like this one. I’ll admit, I was slightly delirious from lack of sleep and an overabundance of water coloring, so I might not have been entirely awake. But it was a nice moment, and I’m glad that my tired self didn’t miss or ignore it.

Photo Observation #4 – Those Wildwood Days

Taken by Joe Barrett Photography –

Theme: Nightlife

Coming from the Jersey Shore, the beach nightlife was the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. Nights would be spent walking along the pier, under the orange pier lights that seem to only be fixated every hundred feet or so. The feeling of coming into light and going back out keeps a steady rhythm that just seems so calming. Add the scenic ocean and you are transported to a serene state of mind. My favorite boardwalk, that I would spend countless hours of the summer at was Morey’s Pier in Wildwood, NJ. The boardwalk stretched for miles and three piers jet out of the boardwalk and into the ocean. It is impossible to fully enjoy every pier in one day. One pier alone is an adventure for two days.  The best part of the piers were the grandiose entrances. After finally deciding on what pier to go on, you would be flooded with beautiful artificial neon lights. This picture is the entrance to the Middle Pier. Right away the visitor is blown away by the shear magic light. The Ferris wheel pops out of the picture with beautiful colors, magnifying its size. The gold light on the swings to the right bring the eye to the detailed artwork on the ceiling of the ride. Normally this would go unseen in the daytime. A roller coaster fills the left side of the photo, with its magnificent shape. It seems to never end, forever traveling in the darkness and going on forever. Even with all these main attractions lit, it is still not enough. Every little arcade game or food booth also is covered in neon lights. The best part about this picture is the dark sky. Not a single star can be seen. Normally I would think negatively of this but when all these neon lights glow against the night sky, I just feel a sense of excitement and life. This scene is just stunning.  Just like Bobby Rydell sang, “ All I think about, those Wildwood days!”


Light Osbervation 2 A

1.) 2/11/11- 7:55 am- Quad outside Bits and Bytes

2.) Sunlight on bare tree branches, only the upper half is lit the bottom branches are still in shadow

3.) The lit tips of these branches reflect a golden light, a magical light as only a small portion of the whole tree is highlighted by the sunrise. The highlights of gold in the branches are like golden wands, a golden tree of life, reaching into the skyline, reaching into a world beyond. The bare bones of the tree transform from