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Lighting Ob #5

  1. 2/24/16, 4:14pm, Netherlands North Patio Core
  2. Objective: The lighting is very cloudy and dark. There is no sunlight out.
  3. Subjective: The lighting feels very sad and gloomy. The wind is slightly blowing adding to the feel of a melancholy evening. The clouds are frequent and a very light gray.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit:

Theme: Cold

Description: While this picture is not physically cold, it is certainly cold in the sense of “uninviting.” The harsh, sterile, fluorescent light makes the cubicles look very unwelcoming. There is no warm light anywhere and as a result, this photograph feels very inhuman and emotionless, and overall, not a very fun place to be. Basically, this is where dreams go to die.

Lighting Observations 3.2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/11/12 – 11:53 – Just outside white “bubble” next to uslesspan on north campus.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking to the soccer field at around noon on saturday. The sun was breaking up the clouds and reflecting off the white bubble just off the unispan by the football field.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: My cousin was playing lacrosse at over the weekend. She goes to UCONN and lives in Philadelphia, so I hardly ever get to see her. I was very bummed when I woke up to see that the weather was not very nice and that it was so cloudy and snowy on the one day that her and my aunt and uncle were in town. Despite the cold weather and cloudy haze I put on many coats and my boots and headed out the door to go and meet them. I was walking on the North side of campus on the elevated road above the white “bubble” at the edge of campus. I was briskly walking to meet them at the field with my Starbucks sloshing around in my cup.

As I turned the corner and walked parallel to the bubble I realized that it had finally stopped snowing and it actually wasn’t that cold out. I looked up and the sun was actually starting to burn through the clouds and shine onto the sidewalk. The sky had been very dark, gray and threatening all morning. this was the first variation and contrast I had seen in the sky all day. For about the next thirty seconds the clouds continued to thin and eventually part. The intensity of the sun increased dramatically and the light shining through went from a deep gray to a warm and intense golden white. The hole in the clouds had a skewed triangular shape and was still not a huge spot in the sky. All around the spot the sky remained dark and colorless. After another fifteen seconds or so there was another break just below the first. As I looked up there were now two brilliant spots in the sky surrounded completely on all sides with the darkness of the snowy clouds. As the two spots grew to their maximum intensity my eyes shifted their focus to the bubble. this pure white mass was catching all of the yellow light in the sky and casting a blanked of golden rays across the bubble. The white of the bubble reflected all of that golden light as it was the most intense and colorful source of illumination in the sky. I was thrilled that I was looking up to see this beautiful moment of the golden parts in the sky illuminating the bubble and creating a cold and warm color contrast with each other and then I realized that the weather was perfect and just as I arrived on the field, my cousin scored the second goal of the game.

Photo Observation (Devin)

2) I took this picture in Alaska.

3) Theme: SAD

4) The lighting in this photo feels sad to me.  The grayish tones reflect sadness to me.  The fact that there is no light source is interesting and it creates a muted palette.  There are many different shades of gray and blues and whites and blacks in this picture and that color scheme in terms of lighting seems to generally feel sad to me.  Gray lighting tends to portray sadness for me but something interesting I found about this picture is that I realized some shades of blue and white lighting also portray the same feeling for me.  Also the lighting in this photo is dark and I think that that is a crucial part to the feeling of sadness.  That being said I believe that there has to be a balance between dark and light in order to really create the optimal lighting environment for sadness.


Lighting Observation 2 (Week 5)

1)   2/28/11 – about 1 o’clock pm – Outside of Bits

2)   The gray colored sky shining grayish colored light.

3)   I just finished getting lunch at bits and I walked out side.  While out side I found that the lighting was very emotional.  The light was gray and stark which gave a sad feeling and cold too.  The gray white color of the light, which seemed to come from a hidden source, reminded me of the fluorescent lights in our classroom and how when turned they make it feel like a prison, against the concrete walls.  They both had a similar color temperature and they really expressed a feeling of loneliness.  We have had a few rainy days here and there and they have had a similar light but for some reason this particular moment really got to me emotionally in terms of feeling the effects of the light.  This was an instance where light can really set the mood.