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Photo Observation: 4/8


This is a picture I took at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

Theme: Gentle

Description: The soft tones of the water colored sky envelope the sands and gentle-moving waves with a blanket of warmth. The distant puffed clouds of white become colored with a hue of pink as the setting sun reflects effortlessly off of the deep, blue sea. The sky is calm, void of rapid movements and impending storms, the clouds are dispersing to their caverns of sleep. The ocean, exhausted from showing off its tall, strong waves reaches goodbye to the sinking sand as the soft-foaming edges sing the seagulls to sleep. An ombré of darkness from top to bottom, the moon makes her promised cameo as the sleep-deprived sun takes its curtain call for the night. All is at peace.


Photo Observation 1


This is a photograph that I took at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

Theme: Sunrise or Sunset

A beacon of power and warmth streams through the darkening sky. The few scattered clouds grow dark with exhaustion as an arc of colorful illumination floods a watercolored celestial sphere. Layers of dark blue hues to pale yellows  perfectly shadow the soothing shelter of the houses nearby. Towards the bottom, the bright golden sand shifts to a quiet, dark dormancy. The last natural light of the day until it awakens again.