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Photo Observation

Theme: Summer

I took this picture myself at Universal. This has a really summery feeling to me because of the way the sunlight is hitting the brick walls, which are already a very warm color as it is. All the light bouncing off the brick walls and shining through the skylights gives it a very warm welcoming tone. Overall it just feels like the atmosphere is sort of like the peak of the summer where you can see the heat rising off the streets/

Photo Observation 9

Theme: Surreal

Location: I took this photo myself at Diagon Alley, Universal Studios Orlando

This lighting is surreal because it’s unrealistic (Also hello there’s a DRAGON?). There’s yellow lights shining from the windows of Gringotts and there’s almost a cyan or light blue color that’s illuminating the dragon, making it seem even more like a dream than it already appears to be, because also, its a dragon. The very visible difference in the lighting brings to the forefront of my vision the dragon instead of the bank and the surrounding objects.