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Light Observation #1

1/30/2018. 4:00AM. Inside my dorm

2) A series of string lights all with different autumn colors plus some light blues. These are all shaped in the form of a tear drop with a black metal cage on the outside. These are all against a white wall above an empty doorway.

3) The way the different color lights hit the empty blackness below while also hitting the white ceiling above made an illusion to heaven hell and purgatory. At night it ended up striking the scene as very pleasing to the eye with the not too harsh colors plus mix of light to dark.


Shining Through Mist Onto Tree

      Single Light key

Source: Me, October 21, 2016 in street island in front of Resident Buildings.

Theme: Single Subject, Single Light Source

Description: A single light shines on the tree from behind. The light gleams at an acute angle from most of the top of the tree. Behind the tree is a resident building, while on the lower right corner there is a shade of red. While the top of the tree is an intense yellow glow, there are small glimmers of white coming down.

To me, this tree symbolizes the how life may block the what can easily be seen in front of you. We can be so focused on what is in front of us that we forget the things that are easy to see behind it. It overgrows what should be important for your life. Despite this, we still see what is in front of us and not what else can come from the front.

Heavenly, Awoken Excitement

SourcePhoto Courtesy of MGM Resorts International on Forbes Travel Guide (

Theme: Night Life

Description: Numerous spotlights are turned on, most are with a light blue-white gaze while four in the back are a light lavender. Each spotlight is going into a different direction, yet somehow is able to make a shape within the chaos. The environment around the light is a dark blue that is intensified by the crowd’s green glow props and green glowing parts of the environment. Most likely blacklight was used for this party scene.

Seeing this picture instantly raises my heartbeat and fills me with excitement. While this picture is a party, the way the lights and colors are arranged reminds me of a heavenly, welcoming place that fills you with joy. It makes me think of the song “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit. This scene of light makes me want to continue staying awake.

Lighting Observation #10 Seagulls In the Heavens of the Ceiling

9 April 2016-1:40pm-American Museum of Natural History

The light shines from behind one of the mounted seagulls near the ceiling of the one dinosaur room. The light catches the feathers on the edge of the right wing.

The lighting backlit the right wing like a glow from the heavens. It made the wing seem slightly transparent as the light seeped through certain spots of the feathers. The light despite its size emitted an intense light that highlighted the wing brilliantly. It is a bright light emphasizing the might of this seagulls wing. It is empowering light that has a feeling of bravery and nobility to it. It comes from the sky, it shows off this seagull’s wing, and it is golden-ish white. emboldening, brave, mighty, empowering, the light just seemed to sing heartily that this wing is powerful. It is the light of the heavens, of the brave, and of the celestial. The backlighting quality of this light really sells it home that it is a heavenly. The like of which might be found in paintings and other artwork throughout time to indicate holiness and sacredness. The lighting felt like it was empowering and giving strength even if this strength came only in the form of attention.

Lighting Observation 7: Church illuminated by the Artificial Sun at Noon-Night

7 March 2016-6:40pm-A church on the streets of NYC (not far from Penn. Station)

The front of this church was lit up with several large film lights to make it look like day on the outside perhaps while a film crew shot an interior to exterior shot.

This feeling of falseness pervaded the scene since the light was like this big illuminated patch of sunshine in a dark in comparison world. It was like someone trying to create the white and pure idea of heaven on Earth. It was like the night was bleached out by this harsh, piercing light. The light was the awkward bleach stain on your clothes. It was the thing that seemed like it was trying too much to be the thing to be the actual thing. The main point that made this light seem so wrong and unmistakable from the sun is that this light was hot, white in color. It was warm as opposed to the cool bluish daylight. This warmth marked it as fake. The various angles of the light made the shadows small and few. The brightness and seeming power of the light claimed that it would disintegrate any great patches of darkness that might try to eek out their existence in this space. The light felt like a bully trying to make its victims shout that it was day despite this being a lie. The light was an illusion of day like if someone were to use fog from a fog machine to make a water dragon’s breath. Like all illusions, the light was artificial and not the natural. The light was an actor but not perhaps the best one from the perspective of a bystander. The camera’s footage might tell a different story.

Light Observation #7 – Stairway to NAB

Date: March 10th, 2012 – Noon – In front of the NAB

Objective: The NAB was casting a shadow on the ground in front of me.

Subjective:Athena decided to plan a scavenger hunt for all the production majors to bond with each other. We were told to meet in front of the NAB. It seemed like a good idea at the time, until I got to the NAB. There I was, staring at the NAB, with Meaghan the only one present. After a few phone calls and starting an hour later, we got a few more people to show up and play. Bryan Chess eventually joined us in front of the NAB, waiting for the game to start. We began to talk casually until we both caught ourselves staring at the ground. The NAB was casting a shadow in the shape of a staircase. It was very interesting. Bryan and I both knew that this was a quality lighting moment. I found myself looking at every step, climbing the stairs in my mind. I felt my eyes going around each corner, outlining the stairs as I climbed. I eventually could not climb anymore because the shadow of a nearby trashcan impeded my progress. I then started to work my way back down. I looked up at the NAB, trying to piece together the parts of the building that were creating this distinctive shadow. I want to be cliché and say I was climbing the stairway to heaven, but really let’s be honest, it’s the NAB; quite the opposite.