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Light observation

  1. In front of Hofstra Hall pre dusk, Thursday
  2. It was a clear warm day, in all honesty the light didn’t change that much but my perception did.
  3. I walked towards Hofstra hall thinking how nice it was out side. It was unseasonably warm and the day was clear. The sunlight came down gently, then I saw out of the corner of my eye my friend. She Immediately run up to my and started crying. The light and weather seemed all together inappropriate, their should have been gloom and rain. Who gave the world permission to keep spinning in spite of human pain?

Lighting observation

  1.  Sunday night, next to Hofstra Hall
  2.  A light shines up illuminating only the front face of Hofstra Hall.
  3. The sharp light illuminated the front face of the building sharpening every edge. The old house is lit up at night like a flag pole, like it is demanding our respect. It seemed so noble and humble at the same time contradicting itself, all together so very Hofstra.