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Photo Observation


Theme: advertisement model/desire

Desciption: A shadow cast upon a perfectly painted face. Blurred bulbs of cool illimuntation further define the silhouette cast up one the model and her delicate pose. Angled lights contribute to the asymmetry of a circular orbit, casting darkness upon angles of white light. A contrast of light and dark with one centered origin of color: red. Illuminating the brightly-accentuated lips against the pale snowy skin tone and cool blue background. The versatility of such a color could further enhance the beauty of the pale and purified light and goodness. But it could also contribute to the sultry mystique of the darkened shadows. the crux of two worlds.


Happy: Christmas Eve, circa 1999


I’m one of the least domestic people you will ever meet … Which is strange, because when I think of “happy” lighting, I get imprints from my childhood of Christmas Eve night — with the tree lit up, a fire burning in the fireplace, and maybe the glow of a ’90s television playing The Santa Clause or¬†Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I feel safe, carefree, hopeful for the presents to come the next day, and all the delicious food that my aunts and uncles would inevitably bring over the next day. Before I became painfully conscious of Christmas “materialism” that Charlie Brown so hated, or of the tensions in my family between this and that relative. I had not yet experienced loss or guilt. All I cared about in that moment was the warm glow of the fire and the Christmas lights, and how this lighting made our shag carpet warmer and cooshier than it would be on any other night.