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Photo Observation 4 (hot)


Theme: hot

Description: The colors red, yellow and orange are naturally associated with warmth. We connect these colors with fire and heat, so I picked a photo that incorporated these colors. The brightness and vibrancy of the colors against the black rock make the colors seem even brighter than they are and therefore also give off the feeling of heat and warmth.  The colors seem to glow from the picture which makes me associate it even more with warmth.

Photo Observation: Hot


Theme: Hot

Description: As children we think of the sun as this big hot ball and at the end of the day that is really what it is. This picture depicts how that thought is true. The bright orange and red glow of the burning orb gives off a sense of heat. The colors are also similar to those of a flame.  Across the center of the sun there are brighter orange or golden patches, making the overall color and light more intense. Around the edge of the sun there is an ambient amber light that contrast strongly against the black of the atmosphere. This picture works for the theme of hot since the intense oranges and reds are those most associated with that of heat.

Photo Observation #4: Hot as Oranges in Florida


I found this image online. It can be found at

The lighting theme is hot.

Orange, red, and yellow may be cooler in terms of degrees Kelvin but they are associated with warm things like the sun and fire. The big bright hues of the sky reflect the excessive warmth of the lighting. The sky is on fire, red hot. The golden ball of gaseous matter shines like the largest gem and greatest treasure in the sky and makes the sky its hue. It is yellow and white with a hint of orange like a match flame glowing bright to light a candle. It is thus a mass producer of heat parching the landscape like how a used match is charred. It silhouettes and gives a highlight of red to the things beneath it like what a dreamer might imagine the Martian landscape to look like. This red makes the world seem hot like a laser beam has been pointed at everything. The distribution is wide engulfing the entire sky and majority of the landscape in the warm colors and causing the silhouetting to occur. The light source glows with warmth, and the lighting is as hot as a bright red pepper tastes as a consequence.




This image is one of my favorites. It’s from a series of installations by Tim Etchells.

This photograph is immediately arresting. Etchell writes, to borrow a term, truisms, and photographs them in everyday situations to provide a bizarre narrative or context. This text, “You Will Live Forever” is searing, not only in its crimson neon light that seems to burn itself into the observer’s eyes, but also in the immediate introspection that it creates. It’s etched into the back of this store display and glows with a broiling heat as if someone had taken a ladle of magma and flicked it up on to a wall. The heat that this display creates seems to warm the two figures, mirroring the warm words of comfort that one appears to be offering the other.



Photo by Peter Charney


DESCRIPTION: This is a candle found in a church in Edinburgh, Scotland. To me, this image represents “hot” not only because it’s a flame, but because of the warm color that exists throughout the photo. Since the flame is blown-out it makes it seem like it’s incredibly hot. Despite everything going on in the image, the colors pretty much range from oranges and reds, to other oranges and reds, to black. Practically every color present is on the warmer side of the color spectrum. For me it really provides a sense of comfort, as it feels like a more calm and heartfelt form of “hot.”

Photo Observation 3



Theme: Hot

I wasn’t sure how to begin the hunt for photos this time around. The theme was broad and “hot” wasn’t something I felt confident typing into Google Image Search. So I scanned my memories for the hottest places I have ever visited. The winner is a rather long and tiring second grade field trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Fun fact: Close seconds are the walk along the reflecting pool in D.C. and a very hungry day in Epcot.)

This image is from vantage point of Little Round Top, overlooking Devil’s Den. This picture brings up sensation memories for me. I can imagine a tiny version of me, in a little red shirt emblazoned with a rhinestone version of the American flag and white shorts, kneeling on the floor of Little Round Top so that the stone building cools my knees and shins. I can feel myself dreading the shadeless walk ahead of me. The daylight over Devil’s Den is so white and unforgiving that I can picture myself there, too, sprawled under the shade of a rock until the chaperone calls us together for a brief history lesson. The nearly cloudless sky and the overlook of the wide nothingness has me hoping for the quick return of the air-conditioned tour bus.

Photo Observation: Hot, Hot Arizona



My mom has a deep love for Arizona. The first “vacation” that baby Jesse ever went on was to Arizona — the Grand Canyon and Tucson specifically — when I was only 1. I went back in 5th grade with my family and was taken with how beautiful yet empty the state was. The air tasted differently there than it did in Connecticut: It was drier and dustier, and somehow older. This picture captures the heat and barrenness of the state, but also its loveliness.  The desert brush, which some might call ‘green,’ is really just a yellow with little hints of blue. The shadows falling into the crevices of the mountains, like wrinkles on an extremely old man, are indicators of how long these stones have been around.

Photo Observation 7

1.Hot Sun


3.  Theme: Hot

4.  There are a lot of different locations and scenarios that can represent “hot” but in the end they all come down to the sun, our source of heat and life on this planet. In this picture I particularly liked the slightly wavy quality it has, which reminded me  of extremely hot summer days back home, when it gets so hot you can start to see the waves of heat coming off the road.

Photo Observation Week #7: Hot




3) Theme: Hot

4) When I think of the word “hot”, I think about parking lots in the summer. Anyone who has tried to run barefoot across the pavement in late July sunshine in Connecticut knows that it is not a pleasant experience. This picture expresses the hot, muggy feeling of those summer afternoons. The orange light makes it so that although the sun is bright, the sky is not, the looming haze of humidity overshadowing everything on earth. Even the sun looks distorted in this haze. The seeming ripples at the bottom of it’s orb make it look as though its melting in this hot and sweaty world.