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Light Observation

  1. Wednesday at 9:40 in Bits.
  2. The morning sunlight was shining through the glass windows and through the ice that was frozen on to the windows in Bits and Bites.
  3. The bright and beautiful sunlight shined down on to the glistening ice that was glued to the glass windows of bits and bites. As it twinkled above my head, it reminded me that I was safe and warm behind the walls of the building. It filled me with delight and happiness.

Light Observation

  1. In the Bronx, sitting in the car Wednesday 3/15/17 at 1:30 am.
  2. Bits and pieces of ices scattered all over the window in a nicely form. The street light was hitting directly at it and it made the ice glow like stars.
  3. I was on my way to Hofstra really early in the morning after the snow storm had passed. My dad was breaking the ice from the windshield and scrapping it off. On my side of the window I noticed just little pieces of ice all over. The street light was beaming right on it making the ice stand out. It actually looked like an ombre because some pieces were glowing and some were did not get hit by the light. When I was analyzing the ice it didn’t even look like ice to me. The ice looked like sparkles and it reminded me of prom dresses that I was looking at a while back with sparkles shining all over in a pattern. It was actually really pretty I took pictures of this lighting moment.

Lighting Observation

  1. 2/9/17, 5:36 pm, Estabrook Hall
  2. OBJECTIVE: In the lounge on the 13th floor of Estabrook, the sunset is peaking through the clouds and coming in through the windows. The light coming from the sunset passes through the icicle, creating shadows on the couch.
  3. SUBJECTIVE: As the snowstorm departs, the sun begins to slowly make its way out of the clouds. The sky fills with colors as the sun slowly sets into the horizon, filling the room with a calming feeling. As the clouds continue to pass, the light shines through the icicles left hanging on the window from the storm. This creates specs of light scattered around the room and casts shadows the shape of the icicles on the couch. The wide array of colors within the sunset leaves a warm and comforting feeling in the room after the departure of the intense storm.

Lighting Observation

2/17/15, 11:30pm, Intramural Fields

It was a FREEZING night as I walked back to Colonial Square from rehearsal. The intramural fields were quite a sight: Freezing rain had poured on the already snowy fields earlier that day. The result was an expanse of shiny, glazed-looking ground, riddled with footprints. 3 large lights on the field shown on the sorbet floor, which reflected their light all the way to the edge where the snow met the sidewalk. It looked welcoming but also deceptive: Three trails were lit to walk across the intramural fields, but anyone who fell for the trick of the lighting would no doubt slip and fall flat on his face.

Photo Observation 3

1. Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 11.33.58 PM


3. Cold

4. I liked that there were a lot of different things that I identify as “cold” all going on in this one picture. First the obvious- ice has to be cold. The many shadows also seem inherently cold to me, as by definition shadow is a lack of light and is going to be colder. Then the entire color scheme is made up of numerous cool blue tones. My favorite part is the way the translucent part of the ice reflects the light and color throughout the space, giving it a very majestic quality.

Lighting Observation 1 (Week 2)

1) 2/5/2011 – around noon – Hockey Rink in New Jersey

2) Bright flourencent light shining on to the rink surface.

3) While playing roller hockey this past weekend I had an unusual lighting moment that I have never had before in a hockey rink.  Even though it was lunchtime the insane amout of flourescent light that was in the hockey rink made it feel like it was very early in the morning.  I was having trouble opening my eyes because of how brightly lit this rink was.  The thing that struck me the most was the reflection of the light off the rink surface.  At first glance the rink floor looked like glass or ice.  It was raining that day which could have contributed to this effect but we play indoors so I was tremedoulsy confused.  Not only did the light create this reflection but it immediately gave me a cold feeling as I walked in the door, eventhough it was not cold at all.  As the day went on my eyes adjusted but I never once felt sleepy or tired in that rink, always awake and alert.

Cold Picture

Robert Andrew’s Flickr

Cold Picture 1, Ice Cave

As the sunlight passes through the various thicknesses of ice in this cave, it creates a wide range of blue lights. From pale blue to nearly seafoam green to a deep royal blue, the  smooth reflective surface shines. The light appears to emanate from the ice itself, giving it a luminescent quality. The blue tint of the sunlight radiates a cold feeling throughout the cave and the photo.