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Photo #6



This photo I find particularly inspiring for many reasons. For one, I have found the concept of space and space exploration inspiring and exciting all my life. Most importantly, I think the composition of the photo is inspiring. The sun peaking out over the earth shines as a beacon of light that motivates you to be the best you can. It slowly starts to illuminate the Earth, which is like illuminating the your path, and showing that the world is yours to conquer.

Photo Observation #6 – The Night Sky

1. 800px-Night_Sky_Stars_Trees_02


3. Inspiring.

4. The world is full of many inspirations, but nothing compares to the twinkling of the night sky.  Most people can spend hours stargazing and making wishes upon the bright, dazzling stars. The stars watch over us at such an incredible height with their white lights cascading over the earth, bringing light to the dark sky. The stars surround the equally beautiful moon that reflects the light from the sun. The moon and the stars are a wonderful contrast to the dark sky by illuminating the night with their intense white light. Their vibrant glow lights the way for us to follow our dreams.

Photo Observation 6


2. I took this picture in 2011, on a family vacation in January.

3. Inspiring.

4. First off, this picture is personally inspiring because for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work at and for Disney. So whenever I get the chance to go to Disney World, my dreams are reminded and renewed and I am newly inspired to work even harder to achieve my dreams. But even if you weren’t me and had that kind of attachment to this picture, it’s still pretty inspiring. The fireworks creating white light arcing up towards Cinderella’s Castle are reminiscent of shooting stars, which inspire and grant wishes. The contrast of that against the black sky brings even more hope – that you can fight the darkness with even the littlest bit of light. And if you shine that light even brighter, you can create something truly beautiful.



Photo Observation #6


2) Taken by my co-worker Alyssa when we were at Forest Home Camp in Forest Falls, CA.

3) Inspiring

4) This picture entirely emulates inspiration. The darkness on the sides of the picture (in the trees and water) pull the observer towards the furthest trees across the lake, similar to the light at the end of the tunnel. For me, the lighting in this picture evokes hope and future. The very clear reflection in the water of the trees and the sky encourages the circle of life; the water reflects the land and sky, which reflects the water, and the cycle continues. The mirror image inspires me to know that things always have their own identity and can be isolated such as land, trees, water, and sky, but also that all of these can be defined in relation to the surrounding aspects. This image inspires peace, clarity, and tranquility as well.