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Photo Observation #10



3. Bête Noire

4. A sunrise is one of the most spectacular things a person can lay eyes on. However, as I’m waking up this is the last thing I want to see. As my eyes got adjusted to the pitch blackness from sleeping, I become startled when a radiant beam of yellow and white blind me with a great ray of intensity. As it peeks out the window it fills my room with blaring reds, oranges, yellows and whites that tells me it’s time to wake up. Ironically enough, this beautiful spectacle of light is something I could never look forward to seeing.

5. Capture

Photo Observation #4 (A Night in Praha)

2) Taken By: Nic Christopher, March 23rd, 2010. Taken at 10:30PM in streets of Prague, Czech Republic.

3) THEME: Night Life

4) DESCRIPTION: This Picture was taken late on a mild March night in the streets of Prague, Czech Republic. To me, night life is not going to parties or getting drunk, going to dances or going out on the town. I never do anything like this, instead my nights are spent in the theater or they are spent exploring. I love to explore and imagine my way through places all over the world. I enjoy walking through the streets, watching people, looking at the empty streets or see what late night action is going on around me.

On this March night I was walking around the streets of Prague with my parents looking up at all the history that surrounded us. Prague is known for being one of the most historic places in the world. At night the buildings are illuminated  against the night sky and from certain spots up on the hills you can look out over the entire city and see where the new meets the old and where the castles, churches and clock towers have stood for hundreds and hundreds of years.

This picture is a short time lapse of one of the buildings just outside of the castle. What speaks most to me about this image is how it has the ability to show the new, the old and the night sky. The building in the foreground is one of the “newer” buildings in the city and is illuminated and portrayed in what seems to be rather natural lighting. The Ancient cathedral is overexposed and is dominating the composition but still maintains its figure, shape and details. Filling all the empty space in this image is the deep blue glow of the night sky. The sky is absorbing all the ambient light from all of the other buildings and plazas that are surrounding this spot. It is a harmony of all the elements in this city into one composition that can only be seen at night. This is why I like to go explore at night, there are new sights, new places and new perspectives on the world all around us. To me this is what night life really is, the discovery of these old buildings, this history; and then to wonder what exactly is it that goes on in there every night, what all has this one building been through… probably more than anyone can handle in a whole life time of nights out on the town.