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Photo Observation – #5

1. dreamlike-lighting-design-computer-40137


3. Dreamlike

4. It is the crack of dawn on a desolate beach, and the sun has begun to light up the deep blue sky.  Shining over the horizon, rays of red, orange and yellow cast down upon the hot sand.  The beaming sun shines down on two lush trees creating long, dark shadows along the ground. The silhouettes of the trees lie on the seemingly blue sand that hasn’t been fully illuminated by the sun’s inviting rays.  The golden light can fool anybody into thinking they are in a dream.

Lighting Observation

) Thursday, February 3rd, 9:30 AM, my bedroom.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Though the curtains were closed, there was one gap of light that left one long strip diagonally across the bed in an otherwise dark room.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The strip of light splayed across the bed seemed to me to be very peaceful and inviting. The particles in the air were captured in the light, showing the beam as a sort of beacon across both pillows and the bedspread. It seemed as though the beam was so focused that light did not escape into the rest of the room, which made the only focal point the bed. It also made the bed seem like it was in a warmer area than the rest of the room, adding to the inviting feeling.