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Photo Observation 6

  1. This was taken on my phone by my friend Hannah.
  2. Theme: Happy
  3. This is yet another picture from my trip to Israel. This was on the beach in Tel Aviv and to me, this is the epitome of happiness with the bright colors and the sun, sand, and sea. The bright blue of the sky plus the yellow on the chairs and the greens and pinks of my bathing suit give a bright and happy mood to this photo. It was also a very funny moment because we realized that the chairs had the same symbol (Chai, meaning “life”) on them that I have on the back of my neck. Tel Aviv was our last stop on the trip, so at this point we had all gotten to be very close, and it was both happy and sad to be there as we knew the trip was soon coming to a close. Regardless, we all got into our bathing suits and played in the warm ocean for several hours and had a blast.

Photo Observation 5

  1. Taken by me from the back of a camel in Israel.
  2. Theme: Shadows
  3. I took this picture in Israel last summer, and it is honestly one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Shadows are interesting because they can disguise something or morph it, like when you’re a little kid and you feel like a giant with your long shadow, or it can be an exact outline of its creator, as it does in this picture. It tells the story in literal black and white, almost as if these shadows were made for the purpose of telling a story as they would be in theatre.

Photo Observation #1 – The Elation of a Sunrise

2) Dena Kline

3) Sunsets or Sunrises

4) Seeing a sunrise is a thing of beauty. The majority of the population, specifically looking at college, does not get up until the sun has risen into the sky. The sunrise brings the beginning of a new day and it shows the beauty of the world. Watching the sun rise in the morning is nothing like watching the sun set at night. Sunsets give me a feeling of romance while the sunrise gives me a feeling of hope. This hopeful feeling is truly indescribable.

In my opinion, sunsets look the same: the red and purple colors paint the sky as the yellow orange sun drops below the horizon for the darkness of the night to appear. The crimson and violet hues beaming softly out is obnoxiously over-rated. Sunrises, however, are constantly changing. Even if you were to see a sunrise in the same location, the look of the sunrise is different from the previous day or time you saw it. For example, I have been to Israel numerous times and have went with the same touring company most of the time. They take their groups to a Bedouin village for a learning experience. The next morning, the group will wake up at 3:00 am, take an hour long bus ride to Mount Masada, hike up the mountain for a sight that warms your heart: the sunrise. These groups rush up the mountain because missing this sunrise would be devastating. This picture was taken during my first trip to Israel on Mount Masada. The sun was rising over the horizon faster than I (or anyone else in my group) had expected. The sun was soft and and gentle so early in the morning, only to become the sharp and harsh light of the Negev (desert in Israel). I had never seen a sunrise such as this before. The light was barely beginning to reflect off of the Dead Sea’s waters. The golden yellow light was radiating into (what felt like) my soul. As the sun continued to rise, the light was spreading onto the vastness of the land of the desert. The morning was peaceful as our group descended down the mountain to experience the sensation of the Dead Sea. Later that day as I lay floating on the water, I looked up at the sun and felt warmth and joy inside.