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Photo Observation 5

  1. “Psycho”
  2. Theme: Shadows
  3. Whenever i think of shadows, the first thing i think of is the shower scene from Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” The way Norman is revealed by pulling the shower curtain back and his face is completely covered in shadow so we don’t know who it is yet is so masterful.

Photo Observation #4

  1. February 21st, Emily Lowe, Taken by Me
  2. Mysterious
  3. I was walking out of Emily Lowe late one night, and i looked at the trees and the way the light hits the trees, it cast all of these shadows on the branches and in the contrast of the night sky it seemed very mysterious.  It was very weird to walk outside to an empty campus and see all these twisted branches and shadows, it felt like i was in a movie.

Light Observation #4

  1. February 21, Suffolk Dorm ParkingLot
  2. All of the lamps in the parking lot were out, except for one lone Lamp at the far end of the parking lot. It cast a very dim, eery shadow across the small, narrow parking lot. The light bounced of some of the cars, creating strange shadows and reflections.
  3. I was looking out of the window of my dorm late one night, and i had noticed that all of the light posts were out, except the one at the end. It cast a really white, dim light across the parking lot. The way it bounced off the cars and carved eery shadows along the cars and trees was so cool.

Lighting Observation #3

  1. Thursday, 5:30 p.m., Unispan
  2. I was walking across the unison and noticed this beautiful sunset peeking through the trees. There was a giant orange ball(the sun) that lit up everything in its path a vibrant orange and and the sky was a gradient of blue, from light to dark as you looked up.
  3. I was walking across the unison after class and looked over at this beautiful sunset that seemed to light up the entire sky. It was very calming, and made me feel warm as i had just walked through the freezing winter air. It was a beautiful ending to a very long day.

Photo Observation #3

  1., Megan Alton
  2. Night Life
  3. I chose this photograph because when i think of night life i think of groups of people stumbling home after a long night of partying. I liked this photo because it does’t show anyones faces because when your walking in and out of people after a party you don’t really notice anyone else. Also, the somewhat blurry quality almost adds a certain affect of “stumbling” home.

Lighting Observation #2

  1. Suffolk hall looking at Van Der Poel, February 7th, 2017
  2. Theres two dimly lit street lamps with the beams of light crossing each other,as they are pointed at each other in the foreground, and in the background is the dark outline of Van Der Poel, and the only thing you can see is the light from the windows.
  3. I was looking down the sidewalk and these two street lamps had caught my attention because the light was so ominous and then i had notice the residence hall lit up. It was so foggy i couldn’t see the building, but i could see the lights coming from the different rooms and it only added to the creepy lighting.

Photo Observation #2

  1. February 9th, 2017, taken by me
  2. Cold
  3. I woke up on our snow day and saw all of these raindrops on my window and past it i saw dim white skies and the outlines of trees and it reminded me of the word cold. Everything about it seemed cold to me; the frozen rain, the snow and the dim light.

Light Observation #1

  1. January 30th, 2017 – Bill of Rights Residence Hall
  2. The sunset is reflecting off of one of the towers at hofstra university, creating a beautiful yellow/orange glow
  3. I was walking out of the student center and I was seeing the sun cast this beautiful orange, almost golden, glow and it really caught my eye. I was just staring at this beautiful moment and wondered if anyone else was seeing this because no one else had stopped to look.


  1. Taken by me, August 15, 2016
  2. Sunrise/Sunset
  3. The sun had set over the lake and left a streak of bright yellows and oranges across the blue and purple sky. It was such a beautiful end to the day and i couldn’t believe how many colors were appearing and changing in front of me.